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Saturday 10am Tea Rides

We had a lovely ride last week with 10 people out, some familiar faces and some new faces. The sun shone and after some lovely cycling, we sat outside for tea and cakes. More cycling, then more tea/beer back at the Rose and Crown.

Another ride is planned this Saturday, meeting as usual at just before 10 at the Rose and Crown. All welcome.


For many this time of year represents the gradual wind down to the christmas festivities. Some may already be drafting their letters to the fat bearded bloke in the red suit, others perhaps preparing slow gin and mince pies. But here at Vinghoe Central we know that now is the time to step up our training regime, and reinforce our healthy living ethic. So tonight we give you a few thoughts for the coming weeks.

During these times you will be expected to increase your food intake. Turkey, mince pies, christmas pudding and all other fancy foods will be pushed in front of you. Of course many will say that everything in moderation is acceptable, but this is like having a ferrari with only four cylinders. It will look good but only have half the fun. No, as Fatletes we must remember to eat all that is put in front of us. The winter months will be long and arduous, and we must be prepared.

Fear not that you may put on a little weight, this is to be expected and indeed desired. So eat until your hearts content. Now you will have seen some horror pictures of those that have over indulged, the problem is not the eating but the lack of physical training, and this is where being part of the Vinghoe Veloes can really help. Thanks to our physio guru, Dave “Hill” Howe, we have the perfect cycle training programme to keep those legs and bodies in top condition. A classic combination of gentle climbs and steep descends provides the perfect antidote to a fine feast.

Over recent years, thanks to George Best and his like, there has been much negative publicity regarding the consumption of Alcohol. Binge drinking is not acceptable, more than two or three units a day is too much. So what is the average fatlete to do in the face of such contrary advise. Well as you’d expect here at the veloes we have the solution, the turnover digger units calculator. I know this is starting to sound complicated, and maths and drink are not best bed buddies, but this is really simple. We are going to introduce a units per venue measure. So you may enjoy a couple of glasses of fine barollo before venturing out of an evening. Two units done, and well within your limit. Then of course you will take a short walk to your favourite drinking establishment, the Rose and Crown. This is where the plan really works. New venue, new points. A clean slate and well within safe limits, so crack open a few tonight while you study this sundays rides.

Long Ride

for those that are under 5 foot here’s the

Short route

Off-road ride planned for Thursday evening

After what was the most eventful ride ever on Sunday, a few members are planning a (mainly) off-road ride around Ashridge and Tring Park this Thursday evening (17/11/11). We are meeting at Ivinghoe Library at 6:40pm so good lights are required. We will be taking it easy pace wise, but there are  a couple of hills involved (The Beacon and up to Wiggington). As always, no one gets left behind so please feel free to join us.

Thursday off-road route

Sleigh bells in the air

As many of you are aware a gathering has been arranged to celebrate Christmas on 9th December and I am sure we would all like to thank Jayne for organising it.

Many people may not realise what effort is put into arranging rides, shirts, socials, the website etc.  One thing  is sure that without the input from all those who contribute none of what we share together would be possible.

Please remember that whilst we may enjoy the change of scenery at another local hostelry, the Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe remains the birthplace of the glorious Vinghoe Velos and I am sure we will all continue to eat, drink and make merry in there.  Details of their great Christmas Fayre can be found here.

Thank you to Alistair and all of the team for your hospitality and continuing to put up with the motley crew of ‘athletes’ that descend on you several times a week.

Keep cycling and be careful out there!

Herberts Hole

Many thanks to everyone who came out on last week’s ride. There were 28 of you which is a great turnout especially considering we are now in the winter season.

This week we are privileged to see ride planner Dave “l’alpe d’huez” Howe take a break from planning the route for the 2013 Tour de France to draw up a new route for us. The weather is forecast to be fabulous tomorrow so we look forward to a ride that includes a trip around the Pednor Loop together with a climb up Herberts Hole.

It is a 30 mile trek and we hope to get of to a prompt start so please try an aim to arrive at the R&C by 9:45am if you can. As is the norm these days we will divide up into two main groups with two paces.

As always, we welcome riders of all abilities. Sometimes the groups can become fragmented so please print out a copy of the route for any emergency navigation that is required.

Herberts Hole Route – 30 miles

Safe Cycling everyone !

Saturday 10 am Tea Rides

Just a note to remind you all about the new Saturday morning Tea Rides that are now running. These take place EVERY Saturday starting at The Rose and Crown at 10 am. We will be doing an easy 10- 15 miles with a sociable tea stop half way, aiming to be back at the Rose and Crown by about midday for further refreshment. The ride will go at the pace of the slowest rider, so all are welcome. Get that bike out of the garage, pump up the tyres and come and join us this week.

Please pass this message on to anyone that you feel might be interested.


I am sure that like myself many of you are mourning the loss of the legendary “Sir Jimmy”. Those of you that have been with the Velos for some time will know that Jimmy was an honourary founding member of our club, and today in true Telegraph Obituary style I would like to pay tribute to the man that Tina Turner described as “simply the best”. So please forgive me as I recollect a few of the mans fine achievements.

So where to start? Well firstly I would like remember his status as one of the most prolific marathon runners. A man who ran in clothes that you cooked the Christmas turkey in, and whose answer to a shortage of Oxygen was to light another of Cubas’ finest. Is this not an approach to fitness that embodies totally the philosphy of the Vinghoe Velos?  Let us also not forget that each marathon he started  he finished. Can the same be said of the bespectacled olympian athlete Paula Radcliffe?

But the man was not just a man running the streets, indeed there were many other aspects to this complex enigma. Long before the likes of Dave Lee Travisty, Tony Blackbum, and Noel Endaway were part of the radio establishment, young Jimmy was spinning the disks in northern clubs. Back in those days rock’n’roll roll was in it’s infancy and that the playing of pop music was considered subversive, and for those plugging their wares on Radio Caroline, submersive. Nonetheless, it was not long before the establishment recognised the talent of the great one, and gave him his own programme, Top of the Pops. Here we saw a young Jimmy at the top of his game, much like we see the Velos at the top of a climb. No matter how much a challenge, like the cream, Jim and the Velos rise to the top.

Jim was not just a radio or Television personality, he was a man ahead of his time. Earlier this year, if I recall there was a little wedding at the time, many of us embarked on a ride from Northampton to Ivinghoe. No of course like you I remember the rambling countryside, the fine lunchtime food and drink, and the gentle hills. But of course we had to get there, and as Jim said “this is the age of the train”,  indeed on that day the Victorian transport system delivered us in comfort and, unusually, on time.

Now Jim was not just a man of his time but also a man ahead of it. Whilst Brucie said “points make prizes”, long before this, on a Sunday lunchtime, Jim was offering “2 points for the Artist and one for song” but no prizes.  Is this not the first gameshow? And a metaphor for all that is good in the Velos? 

I have, of course, already mentioned the marathon running, and for many this is an end in itself, however for the blonde one it was more than a run in the park. Over a couple of thousand runs he raised more than the greek GDP, and only slightly less than Andrews bar bill at the Rose and Crown.

For many the achievements above would be more than they could deliver in a lifetime. For Jim? Of course not. Gucci, Chanel, Burbery, Westwood, all fashion icons of our time. Jim, yet again ahead of the game. When asked about his fashion role model, his fellow blinged up friend Mr T said “I aint flying with that crazy fool”.  When commenting on Jims radio show he also said “do it for the Jazz man, the Jazz”. Luckily for us he didn’t play Jazz.

Sportsman? That was Jim too. In the day when Geoff Boycott was batting at the pavillion end, Jim was busy leading the yorkshire cricket team at trent bridge. As the leather hit the wooden sticks, he would be heard to cry “Howz about zat zen?”. Due to a yorkshire problem with vowels the terraces now resonate with an abbrevaited “Howzat”.

Of course I could go on with the tributes, and for some I probably have done. So for now then, now then,

Good gracious, goodness gracious,

Howz about zat zen,

Goodness Gracious, Goodness Gracious,

This weeks ride:

Sir Jim

Fittingly the ride is 26 miles, so put on the bling and be there for Jim.