For many this time of year represents the gradual wind down to the christmas festivities. Some may already be drafting their letters to the fat bearded bloke in the red suit, others perhaps preparing slow gin and mince pies. But here at Vinghoe Central we know that now is the time to step up our training regime, and reinforce our healthy living ethic. So tonight we give you a few thoughts for the coming weeks.

During these times you will be expected to increase your food intake. Turkey, mince pies, christmas pudding and all other fancy foods will be pushed in front of you. Of course many will say that everything in moderation is acceptable, but this is like having a ferrari with only four cylinders. It will look good but only have half the fun. No, as Fatletes we must remember to eat all that is put in front of us. The winter months will be long and arduous, and we must be prepared.

Fear not that you may put on a little weight, this is to be expected and indeed desired. So eat until your hearts content. Now you will have seen some horror pictures of those that have over indulged, the problem is not the eating but the lack of physical training, and this is where being part of the Vinghoe Veloes can really help. Thanks to our physio guru, Dave “Hill” Howe, we have the perfect cycle training programme to keep those legs and bodies in top condition. A classic combination of gentle climbs and steep descends provides the perfect antidote to a fine feast.

Over recent years, thanks to George Best and his like, there has been much negative publicity regarding the consumption of Alcohol. Binge drinking is not acceptable, more than two or three units a day is too much. So what is the average fatlete to do in the face of such contrary advise. Well as you’d expect here at the veloes we have the solution, the turnover digger units calculator. I know this is starting to sound complicated, and maths and drink are not best bed buddies, but this is really simple. We are going to introduce a units per venue measure. So you may enjoy a couple of glasses of fine barollo before venturing out of an evening. Two units done, and well within your limit. Then of course you will take a short walk to your favourite drinking establishment, the Rose and Crown. This is where the plan really works. New venue, new points. A clean slate and well within safe limits, so crack open a few tonight while you study this sundays rides.

Long Ride

for those that are under 5 foot here’s the

Short route


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