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Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 4th September

The usual three route options this weekend, we head into September after a smashing summer, hopefully with riders returning from far flung holidays we will have a good number of Velos out on Sunday! The 9am route “catches up” with the 10am route having ridden 15 miles more into Chesham.

9am 46 miles via Chesham

10am 31 miles via Chesham

10.30am 21 miles Berkhamsted and the Beacon

Please arrive before the planned start time, we may split into pace groups depending on the number of riders out. No one gets left behind unless they choose to do it at their own pace.

Roll on Sunday!

Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 28th August

Our three rides this week head in a south west direction, the 9am route is flat with one big lump in the middle up to Christmas Common, a good ride for a group to stay toegther and practise some drafting, the 10am route howls out to Haddenham and the 10.30 ride meanders to Halton.

All three routes return via the Buckland turn, This weekend is a special once a year occasion when “The Buck” pub opens in the Village Hall at Buckland Rather than speed back to the R&C it might be nice for riders to pop in and enjoy a drink there first.

9am Time to think about Christmas

10am Haddenham Howler

10.30am Short N Sweet

Roll on Sunday!

Ivinghoe Velos Routes For Sunday 21st August 2022

Three routes to choose from this week, the usual long 9am (55 miles), meduim 10am (43 miles) and short 10.30am (21 miles). Please arrive before your chosen ride start time with a good idea of the route so you can lead your group from the front. All routes are not too taxing with just 6.5% maximum gradient. The medium and long routes follow the same final roads, so may meet up on the return towards the pub!




Roll on Sunday

Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 14th August

Three routes this Sunday, 60 miles, 40 miles and 23 miles The forecast remains good so roll on Sunday! Routes start at Ivinghoe church, please arrive before the expected start time! The 9am and 10am routes have common roads so may come together towards the end!




Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 7th August 2022

Three routes to choose from this week. Thanks to Dave Bembridge for providing the 10am and 10.30 routes.

Our longer ride this week is “Topsy Turvey” visiting some new roads for the Velos, importantly it starts at 8am and includes a coffee stop. We will expect to achieve 15mph+ and ride as a single group. The route does not contain any steep climbs and has less than 3,000 feet over 75 miles. We head north to Turvey using some of NCN 51, the coffee stop is after 50 miles at “fill your cup” in Cranfield. The current weather forecast is for a gorgeous day with a light tail wind for the homeward leg, so start the month with a decent ride here!

At 10am our offering is “Trick In The Tail” it’s a 32 mile lumpy ride with just shy of 2,000 feet of climbing.

At 10.30am the shortest option for you is “A Lumpy 23 Miles”

Please arrive before the planned departure time (note the earlier start time on the long route) with a good knowledge of the planned route.

Roll on Sunday.