Monthly Archives: July 2016

Tea Ride: 30 July

A number of us are off Ride London-ing on Sunday so will be taking a few hours parked on the sofa tomorrow, giving the leggies a bit of a pre-emptive rest.

The rest of you.. you are presence is anticipated at the Rose & Crown by 10am for a prompt departure.

Please remember that the Cook’s Wharf bridge is CLOSED (from 27th July to 24th August), so you cannot go between Pitstone to Cheddington – you need to go via Great Gap & Cheddington Station if you choose a route out that way….

Tea Ride: 23rd July

So.. 23rd July… Is the day before my cousin Kim’s birthday.  She doesn’t ride a bike, but does ride a horse & is therefore a friendly road user.  99.9% of you don’t know her … but she’s as batty as me and if you’re that interested you can find her on Facebook here….  Feel  free to wish her a happy birthday…

This year, July 23rd is the 113th anniversary of the first sale of a Ford motor car.

So, to celebrate both these events, we are off to the Driving Range (Ford… Driving.. it’s that tenuous I though I better point it out ….)  We highly recommend the toasted sarnies!!

On parade and assembled for the off please, by 10am on Saturday morning.


Velos Rides for Sunday 17th July 2016

Firstly this week we would like to thank Chris Froome for confirming what we have all felt for some time now – there is no shame in walking your bike up the steep bits when the going gets tough.

Now the rides, kindly supplied by the Two Daves.

9am start, 49 mile trip to Houghton Conquest

10am start, 31 mile trip to Great Brickhill

10am start, 18 mile trip to Stanbridge

As usual, we begin from the Rose and Crown in Ivinghoe at the times stated. Please bring a copy of your chosen route with you.

Velos Rides for Sunday 10th July 2016

Three rides are on offer this Sunday.

9am start, 54 mile loop around Aylesbury

10am start, 37 mile excursion to Eversholt 

10am start, 24 miles of flatness

Please bring a copy of the route either analogue (on paper) or digitally (on your GPS bike computer). We depart as always from the Rose and Crown in Ivinghoe.

The council have been “dressing” a number of local roads recently so please watch out for the tell tale “cat litter” on the road – it can make for hazardous cycling.

Velos Rides for Sunday 3rd July 2016

Lots of options again this week. Many thanks to Dave “Single Chainring” Howe for mapping them out.

8am start, 15 mile ‘warm up ride’ for those that want to get the miles in to cover Strava’s July Gran Fondo challenge. NOTE : this will start at Pitstone Roundabout and finish at the Rose and Crown to join the 9am ride.

9am start, 67 miles to Egypt

10am start, 35 miles to Amersham 

10am start, 19 flat miles

The 9am and 10am rides start from the usual place – the Rose and Crown in Ivinghoe. Please bring a copy of your chosen route with you.