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Velos rides for Sunday June 25th 2017

Four rides to tempt you with this Sunday.

9am start, 62 miles

10am start, 50 miles – Led out by Mr Dave Bembridge

10am start, 30 miles

10am start, 19 miles

Please bring a copy of your chosen route with you, be that on your GPS device, or in the more traditional way of printed on a bit of paper. We depart from the Rose and Crown in Ivinghoe at the times stated above.


Tea in the Sun….

It’s that time of the week again.  The sun is shining so put on your shorts (a respectable amount of coverage is requested please – hot pants may cause chafing or offence – or both!) and get on your bike.

The Tea Ride is off to Berkhamsted – the Court House or Wetherspoons to be voted on departure.  Out via Castlemead, Northfield Road, Aldbury, Trooper Road, through Dudswell, Bridgewater Road to Berko station and coming back, along the canal for that wish or via Dudswell, Albury & Pitstone Hill.

Sunscreen recommended; helmets advisable; cheerful chatter requested; refreshments virtually compulsory.

Leaving the R&C, Ivinghoe at 10am.

Velos rides for Sunday June 4th 2017

Numbers will be a bit lower this week as some of our team are doing the Tour of Cambridge so please do bring a copy of your chosen route with you.

9am start, 54 miles

10am start, 37 miles

10am start, 26 miles

As usual, we assemble at the Rose and Crown in Ivinghoe and depart at the times stated above.

Below are details of the Mr Dave Bembridge’s Canal Ride on Sunday 18th June. Please talk to Dave if you need any more details.

We are planning to catch the 8.35 am from Tring Station to Euston. Short ride to Paddington Basin. Various stopping points along the way but there is a small cafe about halfway by Rickmansworth lock which does a Bacon Sandwich or Cheesey Chips. We will of course be stopping at the Rising Sun in Berkhamsted as it would be very rude not too.

On a serious note if there is a large group on the train we need to make sure we split up along the carriages and maybe more than one group on the tow path.

Final stop is of course the Rose and Crown.

Route will follow shortly but if you have water on one side of you there’s a good chance your going the right way. Just follow the tide.

Tea Time!

So tomorrow, the Tea Ride is going to swing it’s way around Tring…. Through Castlemead, Marshcroft Lane, Tring crossroads, Tring Triangle, past the Cemetery, through the village with the farm where sledges were used instead of carts (Local Historical Fact.  This is because it’s on the side of a hill and carts didn’t work well) and to Buckland Church for Bacon Butties.  Coming home, we will Womble through Wilstone, Leg it along Lukes Lane and mooch our way back through Marsworth.

Leaving the Rose & Crown at 10am