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So who said spring was here?

Another great turn out last week and another 3 ‘new’ Velos, please remember we welcome everyone and that we are about encouraging all to enjoy cycling with a heavy emphasis on the social rather than sporting side!  Highlights of last weekends rides included:

  • Sighting a large herd of deer crossing the road ahead of one group
  • Angela ‘leading out’ the short ride, thanks Angela
  • Angela overtaking a large number of us as well as a Landrover, no it wasn’t stationery and the driver looked as startled as we did, those ‘slicks’ are going to leave us all standing!

This weekend we have the opportunity of 3 different rides again

 16 miles,

22 miles (a shortened version of the 28)

28 miles

as we meander through the 3 counties of Bucks, Beds and Herts.  Come on how many people can say they cycled through 3 counties on a Sunday morning?

Looking ahead next Saturday at 2pm sees Dave B leading out from the Rose and Crown another of his ‘beginners’ rides a great opportunity to learn some road cycling skills and to get about 9 miles under your belt with a qualified cycling instructor.

A further update for MARCH 27TH – those palnning on doing  the Ian Rennie 35 mile Aylesbury ride,  are asked to submit their own entry but would be good if you entered the ‘team name’ as VINGHOE VELOS, whilst we plan to ride it at our own pace it would be good to increase the profile of the group!

We have now been offered the services of someone to design our logo and we hope to move this forward VERY soon, watch this space!

Windy or what??

Last week was a tremendous challenge with a very strong westerly wind and 3 moderate (tough for me!) hills, again great to see many people out and about, remember new riders always welcome.

Apologies for another late posting as we intended to mail earlier in the week specifically to remind everyone of Dave B’s beginners ride this afternoon at 2pm (sorry Dave), as usual meet at the R&C for a shorter less challenging ride lead by a qualified cycling teacher.  Dave intends to lead these out every other Saturday so for those worried about getting out and about it is an ideal way to start and no lycra in sight!

Tomorrow we head out again as usual 10am from the Rose & Crown.  It is possible that a Chocolate Brownie tasting will be happening mid distance to enable Sally’s recipe to receive the full endorsement of the (i)Vinghoe Velos, so get that oven on Sally!  Apparently it is an integral part of the Beezer cycling diet plan!

LONG RIDE – 26 miles (with a number of bad weather opt outs!)

SHORT RIDE – 15 miles  

Finally one for the diary MARCH 27TH – a number of people have expressed a desire to do the Ian Rennie 35 mile Aylesbury ride, great idea and a good way to build up to the Tour de Vale.  Own entry and sponsorship but good if people planning to do it let us know so we can put details on here!

We are also now on TWITTER @vinghoevelos, just need the technical guys to link it all up please!!

Finally Gary sends his apologies for not making it this weekend, but…….

Another week……another ride (or two!)

Fantastic turnout last week with 16 ‘velos’ out to play. 

Unfortunately one of our group was unable to make it having had his ‘wings clipped’ by a car driver unable to see him in the low sun resulting in one mangled bike but fortunately no serious injury to the rider.  The moral to this tale is that even with cyclists and car drivers taking care accidents can happen!  We do look forward to the new bike and may run a sweepstake for the colour!

Spotted last week was a ‘new’ road bike replacing the one ridden before, which will last long in our memories!

We look forward to other new additions both in people as well as hardware over the weeks to come!

So what else is happening:

‘BEGINNER RIDES’ – led by Dave B these will start again next Saturday, 22nd January, leaving from the Rose and Crown at 2pm.  This will be in the region 0f 8-10 miles of not too hilly riding!

Mix 96 TOUR DE VALE -12th June 2011

We are intending to do the Tour de Vale rides as a Vinghoe Velos event and whilst leaving the registration and choice of distance to the individual we hope that many of us will aim for the challenging ride of 55 miles.  Not only will this be a fitting challenge but the route comes through our beautiful village and we have been asked for volunteers to man the refreshment stop located on ‘the lawn’.

We are still on the look out dor womeone that can assist with a simple ‘logo’ design that we can put on this site and then have printed on shirts etc, if anyone knows of anyone who would be happy to give their expertise and time for free please let us know!

Now to this weekends rides, we have 2 to tempt you.  Those who are having family photos done (you know who you are!), don’t know what you missing, the first ride being a request from Bob Corn



Remember our special promotion of bring a friend and get them to buy you a pint in the pub after, the more the merrier!

The Velos!


Well I have now returned from luxuriating in the french Alps, where I developed a number of new 2 hour rides for our intrepid members and friends. As usual they will start from the R&C and finish there. More news of these when the teleporter arrives.

And so continuing with the good news theme, whilst the rest of the world continues to trawl through double dips and recession, your local cycle club continues to go from strength to strength with over 40 of us now now subscribing to our regular updates. Its not difficult to understand why when you look at our investment success, you put no money in, and we turn it into no money. By my calculation that’s a 100% return, where else are you going to get that? In fact we are so confident of our continued success that we don’t even need to attach the usual disclaimers about the value of investments going up and down. So go tell your friends and get them out on tomorrows ride. I bet you were wondering how I was going to get to the cycling bit, so was I when I started writing this!

Well here it is, a little 20 miler, with a few slight inclines, but mainly downhill.

January Jiggler


As Gary luxuriates on the ski slopes its time to dust off the hangovers and the bikes we have left locked in the shed for the last couple of weeks.  Apol0gies for the late post but work, NYE and possibly a hangover result in an under par performance. 

Boxing Day saw 9 of us undertake a walk of about 7 miles, led by Ian, through the snow which was excellent.  Refreshments included Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Biscuits, Sweets from Angela’s goodie bag not forgetting the Sloe Gin!

SUNDAY RIDE  meeting as usual at 10:00am on Sunday this ‘old’ ride revists the scene of a certain person aqua plaining through the ford, so lets try and avoid a recurrence!  Not sure who is out so please print yourselves a route to ensure there is someone to lead!!


The Velos