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Ivinghoe Velos Routes For Sunday 1st October 2023

Three routes to choose from this Sunday, with the popular 1st Sunday of the month coffee ride back at 9am. The route heads to the less travelled north of the chilterns up The Clappers at Sharpenhoe and then follows lanes to Redbourn and back through Ashridge and Aldbury. Riders have a choice of coffee stops, either two thirds of the way round at The Hub in Redbourn, or at the end of the ride at the grand opening of Church Farm Cafe in Aldbury. Please see the bottom of this mail for details of the coffee stop options.

At 10am the route is a Brickhill loop created back in March 2022 we think all the roads are still ridable! For those wanting a shorter ride the 10.30 option visits Wingrave and Tring. Route Master Bembridge has suggested the Sunday miles will be kept on the shorter side as we enter the cooler months of the year, so enjoy the last throws of warmth, unless you are on that plane to Mallorca next week!




AWAY DAY: On Sunday 8th October we have the option of a ride away from our usual routes in more ways than one! A select group of riders are taking on the roads of Mallorca for a few days and those left at home can complete a ride starting from Cranfield at 9.30am. It’s a 55 mile ride on very quiet roads with rolling terrain but no proper hills. Having recently road tested the route I can confirm there is 75% less traffic that we are used to and there are some great road surfaces along the route. There is plenty of free parking in Cranfield and it’s just a 40 minute drive from Ivinghoe (or a 22 mile bike ride if you are really keen!). We will still have the usual 10am and 10.30 ride options.

We are a group of friends who cycle rather than a cycle club so we don’t have rules, subscriptions or races. Unless someone is keen to ride solo we will do our very best to leave no one behind out on the roads. It’s great to see plenty of riders out on our rides on Sundays and Thursdays and the summer Tuesday nights, It’s even more impressive when everyone is wearing lovely blue Ivinghoe Velos kit. Watch this space for our next opportunitity to order some clothing, maybe you are new to the group, or maybe you need to upgrade some winter essentials.

Church Farm Cafe:

The Perfect Pit stop for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts.

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Chiltern hills, Church Farm Café is excited to announce its grand opening on the 1st October as the ultimate destination for cyclists, runners and walkers looking to refuel and relax amidst the natural beauty of the Chilterns.

Church Farm Café, located within a refurbished barn at Walter Swinburn’s old stables (The jockey who trained and rode Shergar to victory in 1981) provides charm and character that marries perfectly to the warm welcome you will receive.

The café features a delightful outdoor seating area overlooking the rolling hills, providing the perfect spot for patrons to soak up the beauty of the Chilterns while enjoying a well-deserved break. Inside offers a cozy, warm retreat for those wanting to shelter from the elements.

A classic café menu is on offer along with a delicious Vietnamese option provided by the renowned “Viet Kitchen” who have quickly established a reputation for providing delicious, authentic, healthy and fresh Vietnamese street food.

“We’re thrilled to open their doors to the vibrant community of cyclists, runners and walkers who frequent the Chilterns” said Simon, co-owners of the Aldbury’s new café. “Church Farm Cafe is more than just a place to grab a bite; it’s a place to recharge, soak in the scenery and make new friends who share your passion for the outdoors.

For more information about Church Farm Café, please visit or follow CHURCHFARMCAFE on socials.

The Hub:

The Hub, conceived in Spring 2012, to provide good coffee, genuine “home made” food, and bike essentials for cyclists et al! It has become more popular with all the community, far and wide, than we could have dreamed. Set in the rural village of Redbourn the building dates back to the 17c and creates an atmosphere of ambience and friendliness.

With a warm snug feeling in the cold and outside seating in the Spring and Summer we welcome all (including dogs) although parties of more than 8 are advised to book ahead.

We also use biodegradable take away cups and lids and paper straws not plastic. The Hub is completely backing this forward thinking initiative.  The popularity with cyclists has created the need for more space and the workshop and cycle sales are also available a few hundred yards up the High Street trading as THE BIKE LOFT. We stock Most bikes and parts can usually be obtained within a few days.

Ivinghoe Velos Routes For Sunday 24th September

We have three routes heading out from Ivinghoe, by the church, on Sunday morning. This week there is a focus on climbing, but don’t worry as Sir Isaac Newton may have said “what goes up, must come down” so there will be some lovely decents to enjoy on the downslopes! Thanks all always to Dave B for crafting the 10am and 10.30 routes for us.

9am 59 feet of climbing per mile over 49 miles

10am 58 feet of climbing per mile over 32 miles

10.30am 50 feet of climbing per mile over 20 miles

We are a group of friends riding toegther rather than a cycling club. There are no fees or rules involved in riding with us, we offer no insurance or assurances around the safety of our outings. Riders join rides at their own risk. Please review riding conditions on the day of rides and also make sure your bike is safe and road worthy, we might help with a puncture repair, but a full service needs to be booked elsewhere! We ride road bikes and would recommend riders carry spare tubes and a pump, or a phone and back-up plan! Please ensure you have the route you have chosen to ride plumbed into your headset computer so that when you take your turn on the front you can make the turns at the right time. Depending on numbers and expected speeds we may split into groups, we aim to leave no one behind unless they are keen to enjoy some solo time, “in solitude you will find the whispers of your true self” or some swear words as you struggle up the next hill.

Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 17th September

In a county far far away route Master Bembridge is relaxing, but don’t worry he has promised “I’ll be back”. It’s been said his rides are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. Don’t worry though we still have some routes for you, like Clive & Ian, you’re a lean mean fighting machine, so will have no problem with these routes, so don’t say “I’m too old for this” as we all know; it’s not the years honey, it’s the milage.

While some of our routes feel like to infinity and beyond this week we will be back early, lunch is for wimps, but we can do Alan’s cheesey chips & Rod’s sandwich, along with beers, a martini, shaken, not stirred or pronouce “thats what I call high quality H2O”. Whatever she drinks makes Debs ride faster- I’ll have what she’s having!

If you get a pucture may the force be with you (of Trevor’s track pump), where does he get those wonderful toys? Carrying so much kit, we’ve going to need a bigger bike! But hopefully no mechanicals serious enough to phone home. so get that bike ready, I love the smell of GT 80 in the morning.

Our rides bring friendship and health benefits so you can live long and prosper, so come with me if you want to live, just like Owen, he does not feel pity, or remorse, or Fear and he absolutley will not stop. Last week Ben said I feel the need, the need for speed, so this weeks routes should suit. So join our rides- they will never take our freedom!

Rides start from Ivinghoe church (we are on a mission from God) for some fantastic challenging routes, be afraid, be very afraid. Pick your option and go ahead, make my day! Would you like me to seduce you? The 9am route is a very flat 100k called “Hills? where we are going we don’t need hills!” a great ride for the group- we’ve putting the band back together!

So whether you do a long ride like Mr Broadbent (We called him mother superior on account of the length of his habit) or a shorter option, just keep swimming, at the end of the ride you will say “I’m the king of the world”.

After the recent heatwave we might get a little bit of damp on our gears (wax on, wax off?) I’ve put my winter bike “baby” away in the garage but might need it this weekend, as we all know, no one puts baby in the corner. It can’t rain all the time, so ride with us and remember the first rule of the Ivinghoe velos is……..

Thanks Richard for the shorter routes, Like any good route, if you build it, he will come, it’s elementary dear Watson!

Now back to the bike, where are you my precious?

9am ride: Hills? Where we are going we won’t need hills

10am ride: Debbie Does Dallas? No it’s Double Drayton

10.30 ride: Follow the yellow brick road up to Ledburn for Single Drayton

Little bonus kudos if you can work out how many film quotes & mis-quotes we have in this weeks post.

Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 10th September

The usual three rides for your deliberation this weekend, all leaving Ivinghoe church at various times on Sunday morning. The 10am route goes through Ashridge and over the Downs, while the 9am route is a ride through the Chalfonts: Latimer, St Peter, Common and St Giles before returning via Beaconsfield, Penn and Missenden.

Time to enjoy the Indian Summer and get some miles in before we start thinking about frosty starts and mudguards!!!