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Brabantia Bins

Firstly let me apologise to those of you who are grappling with an overload of new hormones and thoughts of an ideal world, for today’s jottings may not be on your plateau. If this applies to you then please stroll down the page where you will find the juicy bits.

But for those of just waking up, perhaps nursing a slight headache and contemplating frying a freshly delivered egg, then this may be for you. Now there was once a time when the kitchen bin was just that. It either sat behind a cabinet door collecting rubbish until such time that you could not shut the door, or it was a simple plastic affair that sat in the corner where its white lid quickly collected tea stains from the teabag being removed from your cup.

Now thanks to those wonderful people at Brabantia we have a style icon for the kitchen. These carefully designed, stainless steel garbage containing vats come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all kitchens and lifestyles. For those of you looking to help save the planet, there is the twin compartment model that allows you to segregate your compost from your landfill.

But before you rush off to snap up one of these visual delights I advise caution, for the Brabantia bin comes with a health warning similar to one given for a holiday in Thailand. Whilst that maid you have recently hired may delight upon the eye with a fine female form, once you get inside the pleasant exterior you may find more bits than you were bargaining for. And this brings us to the nub of the problem, the inside of the bin. Whilst the outside has been carefully designed it is on the inside that you will find your problems.

Once you have exhausted your first supply of rubbish bags your shopping dilemma will occur. You will have carefully disposed of the box in which the bin arrived and thus be unable to remember which bin you have, or what size it is. You will be looking at the shelves in Waitrose or Tesco and see a variety of different bags and sizes. Eventually you will have to guess on the bags to take home.

If you have selected correctly then you will be spared a return visit to the shops for some time, where you will again have to face the above dilemma. Should you have selected incorrectly you will be faced with a further dilemma. Either the bag will be too small and you will spend hours trying to stretch it to fit your bin, or it will be to big at you will be trying to hide the over flowing plastic such that it doesn’t ruin the sight lines of your latest kitchen accessory. Ultimately you will end with a kitchen draw full of unwanted bags and another trip to the shops.

So now let’s assume you have overcome these challenges, or you are simply using your bin for the first time. You will be regularly filling the bin until such time as it appears full. This will be at night time, probably after dinner and you won’t be wanting to take the contents outside to that ugly green thing. So you will squash some more into the Brabantia and this will continue until such time as you are forced to remove the bag from inside. Now those of you familiar with the inside will now that within the outer steel bin lives a plastic one that you pull out via a concealed handle. Once the plastic bin is removed you are then able to remove the plastic bag containing all your compressed rubbish. And here we get to the heart of the matter. As you pull the bag out, it will drag across the handle and tear leaving much of your flippin rubbish all over the kitchen floor!

So there, proof indeed, that at the Vinghoe Velos we talk rubbish.

Now to the juicy bits as promised above……… this weeks rides.

Firstly the Iain Rennie ride takes place tomorrow. If you have not already registered then entry is now closed. Good luck to all those taking part.

Long Ride

Short Ride

Now before I leave you to enjoy the rest of the weekend I bring you news of another money spinner. If you are enjoying those fresh eggs delivered by Andrew and Jose then this is for you. As you know they now have 12 chickens and egg production is now at an all time high, such that they have a shortage of shells.

So when you’ve cracked that shell open, don’t discard into that shiny new bin. No simply pop up to the Rose and Crown on Friday night where Andrew and Jose will refund you 5pence for each returned shell. The healthy alternative to returning fizzy drinks bottles!

Hey its not every week you get bins, lady boys, eggs and cycling in one article. That should get our numbers up on a google search!

That’s all folks!


For those planning to enter the Ian Rennie Ride it is not too late to register please see the link in the previous mailing.  Dave H is suggesting that the Vinghoe Velos ‘muster’ at the Coffee Shop in the Square for pre-ride ‘warm up’!

For those not doing the above ride the intentionis that rides will elave as normal at 10:00am on Sunday from the Rose and Crown for more cycling adventures through the 3 counties of Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Bedfordshire, watch this space for more news!  More importantly the chance to see more nice new shiny bikes joining the ‘peloton’!

Have a great week!

Planning, Planning, Planning

Gosh we’re all busy planning more exciting adventures with the Velos. 

Gary has headed to France again planning a possible summer jaunt to France for us all

Are these hills big enough?
"Kirk where did you go??????" cries Gary realising the hill was too steep!

Whilst Jose is out planning a ‘girlie’ ride with

September 2011 - coming to a village near you!

This is sure to be a great event for the local area and Jose is working hard with the organisers to make it an inclusive event and that we are well represented watch this space for more news and for volunteering opportunities!

As you can imagine, not to be out done Andrew is heading to the NIA in Birmingham for the weekend to check out some support acts for Cycletta and something for the boys!

 and yes Jose will be there to keep an eye on him!

Three down and more to go, the Beezers continue the ‘search for Jack’, so Andy cannot make it out on Sunday although Sally has kindly agreed to give up some of her time to lead the LONGER RIDE of 23 miles whilst a SHORTER ROUTE  of 14 miles is also planned.  Several riders have hung their bikes up and headed off for the annual walking weekend so local drivers should be able to drive easier!

Don’t forget today’s beginners ride which again departs from the Rose & Crown at 2pm  led by Sally, a great opportunity for new riders to get better aquainted with the roads with a fully accredited cycle instructor, thanks Sally.

Next Sunday sees many people joining the

Click on the logo to go the site for more details and to register, please do register as ‘Vinghoe Velos’ as the team name as even though we dont plan to ride as a team, the recognition is always good.

So another week of drivel nearly over and time to get on your bikes with the final spots from your roving reporter being

On way to meet the Velos asking “do I need a basket on the front for my Coke?”

Whilst hot foot from down under to see his antipodean pals

but would you leave your wife alone with him?


Many of you, I am sure, will have enjoyed Sundays’ ride and in particular the company of Sally and Andy Beezer. However, behind the smiles of this charming couple lies a story that would tug at heart strings made of steel.

Those of you that have been with us from the outset will remember their beloved son Jack, a young man who whilst lacking strength, agility and stamina was determined to join the pinnacle of cycling, the Vinghoe Velos. Now what Jack may have lacked in physical attributes was compensated for by an astute mind, that some have said would place him significantly near the top of the mammal food chain. But today I can confirm that he remains absent, and so today we ask you to help us find Jack. We are certain that with your help and our celebrity friends we can bring Jack back.

We have been fortunate to have Shaw Taylor amongst our midst and he offers the following insights:

“Jacks last known whereabouts was in the Brighton area, where he is believed to have been Studying. We also now that he is a keen Frisbee player, and spent much of his time avoiding lectures and heading out to the beach. We’d have liked to have shown you an up to date picture of Jack, but we believe his features have now changed, and the best we can give you is this latest Police reconstruction.

Does Jack now look like this.
Is this Jacks Frisbee?

So far a number of leads and theories have been investigated by the Brighton Constabulary. Firstly has he been kidnapped and forced to work in a cottage industry? Jacks parents think this unlikely as Jacks ability to slide under doors is renowned in the local public house.

Has he been abducted by the A team and forced to shoot up Mexican drug smugglers. With BA Barracus’s known fear of flying it is unlikely that they would have been able to have completed a long haul flight.

We couldn’t find BA but here’s his Jewellery supplier

Is it simply that Jack went out drinking one night and after one too many accepted a chocolate bar from an unlicensed mini cab driven by George Michael.? Did he end up slumped behind an air bag in shop doorway? Sally tells us that Jack was taught never to accept lifts from a man who is careless with his wispa!

Join me for a Spliffing ride

So if you think you can help please contact DCI Wibbly Wobbly at Brighton police station.

And remember keep ‘em peeled”.

Thanks to Shaw for his help.

Till next time keep.....................

Sally and Andy have asked the Vinghoe Velos for as much help as we can give and so today we announce the Ride for Jack. We have been working tirelessly behind the scenes for several minutes to bring this event together and can confirm that the event has been given the royal seal of approval. Buck House has declared that April 29 will be Royal Wedding and Vinghoe Velo Ride for Jack Day.

Final route details and timings are still to be worked on by our team, however I can confirm that our intention is to catch a train from Cheddington to Northampton and cycle back. Friend to the stars and Velo Cartographer, Dave ‘Hill’ Howe has already looked at the map and offers this insight.

“Look as I hold this map up against the wall, Northampton is up here, and Vinghoe is down here. I declare the route to be down hill all the way!”

We are sure that you will want to join us on this momentous day, so please confirm your interest to Sally and Jack as soon as possible. Places are likely to be limited by the number of carriages on the train, so please respond quickly and support this family during these dark hours.

As a sign of his appreciation Andy has kindly donated several photos to the web site. Despite being taken with an Instamatic we are sure you’ll agree that these are of excellent quality. Normally in his professional capacity Andy would be selling these at £10 a print. But here today you can have them for free by simply using the copy and paste function on your computer. Just go to our about page.

So join us to help the Beezer family join up………………..

Spring is Here!

Well our Daffs are out!
As previously reported and noted by Gary last week, celebrities from around the globe are fighting to be a part of the Vinghoe Velos those spotted this week included a local publican and resident of Aston Clinton:
Crikey is that the Velos I see coming up behind me?!
and whilst in London, our local roving spy spotted:
I hear I need a nice new bike to join the Velos
hey Lordie the gear too please!
 Thats better!!!!
Anyway turning to this weekend, a number of rides to think about and picking up on feedback received, a slight cheat in repeating a ride of 6 weeks ago
LONG RIDE – 28 miles
22 Miles – a shorter version of the above
Finishing off today massive apologies, from the editorial team, to those people who have tried to contact us through the the email link on the website, sadly our IT skills were about as good as my cycle mechanic skills and we have only just worked out how to access the mailbox.  So here’s a shot taken a couple of months ago as ‘tea was taken’
Where to next?

Going forward this mailbox will be properly monitorred!!!

More riders, more new bikes!!!

How fantastic to see 15 riders gathering outside the R&C today at 2pm and well done and thanks to Dave & Sally sharing their knowledge and skills with fellow Velos!
Another array of new ‘priddy’ bikes on display with a lovely pair of his and hers Specializeds and a Boardman in white, any more to follow tomorrow we wonder?
With family commitments tomorrow Andrew & Jose won’t be playing out and send their apologies but look out for a possible ride to Gt. Missenden next week and more celebrities training for the Velos!

No Elitism at the Vinghoe Velos

Over the past few weeks you have been left in the very capable hands of Andrew, whilst I have continued my high altitude training in the French alps. Now recent posts or gossip may have led you to believe that I have a never ending cycle of vacations and Jollies. But let me reassure you this is far from true. The Olympics remain only a short distance away, and if I am to retain my medal status the arduous labour must continue. And this brings me onto todays post.

As ever the Vinghoe Velos remain dedicated to creating a club open to all. To borrow a title………………the peoples cycling club!  We continue to develop our ideas to meet the expectations of everyday people. Indeed it was only recently, whilst lunching at the Kings Head over an exquisite Aylesbury Duck, that a passer by lent in through the window and shouted “Gary, you are a man of the people go out there and bring the velos to the masses”. And so inspired by this mere mortal I ordered more wine before arranging for the chauffer to return us to the Rose and Crown.

So today our campaign starts, fellow velos get out amongst your friends. Remember it is not what you can do for your cycling club, it is what your club can do for. It is not the taking part that counts, but the winning. The bicycle is not for turning.

That last statement might not be correct.

And so me Homeez I bring you onto this weeks banging rides. Their Gangzsta!

Short Route

Long Route

Finally for those of you still in doubt take a look at some of our fellow cyclists to see the mass appeal of our club.

Andrew avoids the latest local ford


Common man joins the Vinghoe Velos
Boris leaves the Rose and Crown
Open to All!
Now on his Bike!

Spring is here?

So another week on and another nice new bike is hitting the roads this weekend!

Gary has returned from his travels with no broken bones and is designing some routes for Sunday, so watch this space.

Tomorrow, Saturday, sees Dave and Sally leading out an 8 mile ride for those either nervous on their nice new bikes or about road cycling leaving the R& C at 2pm.