Spring is Here!

Well our Daffs are out!
As previously reported and noted by Gary last week, celebrities from around the globe are fighting to be a part of the Vinghoe Velos those spotted this week included a local publican and resident of Aston Clinton:
Crikey is that the Velos I see coming up behind me?!
and whilst in London, our local roving spy spotted:
I hear I need a nice new bike to join the Velos
hey Lordie the gear too please!
 Thats better!!!!
Anyway turning to this weekend, a number of rides to think about and picking up on feedback received, a slight cheat in repeating a ride of 6 weeks ago
LONG RIDE – 28 miles
22 Miles – a shorter version of the above
Finishing off today massive apologies, from the editorial team, to those people who have tried to contact us through the the email link on the website, sadly our IT skills were about as good as my cycle mechanic skills and we have only just worked out how to access the mailbox.  So here’s a shot taken a couple of months ago as ‘tea was taken’
Where to next?

Going forward this mailbox will be properly monitorred!!!