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Ivinghoe Velo Rides For Sunday 29th January 2023

One of the most annoying (in my humble opinion) saying is “we go again” spoken often in football to mean perform as well next time after a victory, or as a pick up after a defeat, it was first uttered by Steven Gerrard after a win at Norwich in 2014, it’s now used as often as pro cyclists say “yeah” to start a sentence (and also throw in an extra “yeah” mid sentence for effect). For some more inspiring cycle quotes see the bottom of the post! In the mean time after missing out on road rides last week……. we go again.

10:30am 19 miles for New Starters and Re-Starters

10:30am 23 miles

10am short cut (30 miles)

10am 35 miles

We are lucky enough to have Ian Taylor looking after new starters and re-starters this week while Dave Bembridge takes a well earned break from leading.

Rides start from outside ivinghoe church. We depart on time so please arrive earlier that your planned route leaves ivinghoe. We are an inclusive, non-competitive group who welcome newcomers and returners, no one gets left behind until the final sprint. Look after those in your group, your “peloton” should be greater than the sum of it’s parts.

If you are in need of some motivation try these cyclling quotes:

Training is like wrestling a bear – you don’t stop just because you’re tired.

You are one ride away from a good mood.

The older I get, the faster I was.

I just trebled the value of my car, I put my bike in the boot

My ultimate fear is that when I die my wife sells my bikes for what I told her I paid for them.

They are not hills, they are mounds of opportunity.

Sweat is just your fat crying

Age and treachery will overcome youth and skill

Beyond pain there is a whole universe of more pain

The bicycle is just as good company as most husbands and, when it gets old and shabby, a woman can dispose of it and get a new one without shocking the entire community

You can’t get good by staying at home. If you want to get fast, you have to go where the fast guys are

Life is a long, winding hill climb. It’s knackering and painful at times, but as long as you don’t give in, you’ll be able to look back and enjoy the view

I don’t ride to add days to my life, I ride to add life to my days

The only bad ride is the one that didn’t happen

You never have the wind with you — either it is against you or you’re having a good day

Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Teach a man to cycle and he will realise fishing is stupid and boring.

No bike ride is too far when you have good company

Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 22nd January

Ivinghoe Velos are a bunch of cyclists who enjoy getting out together sharing rides on local roads as well as the odd trip away. We are a non-competitive group who pride ourselves on our friendly appoach to road cycling, enjoying the health and social benfits that go along with regular exercise as well as the odd well earned beer after a ride (optional!) The group has no fees or membership and has been planning routes on a purely voluntary basis for every Sunday since 2010. It’s great that 12 years on we still get over 20 riders show up for a windy winter ride (last Sunday).

At the time of writing the forecast for Sunday’s rides is dry with light winds and above freezing. While the guys at Velos Towers try to plan rides based on the weather conditions, we can’t make a decision on your own safety, so please keep an eye on the conditions and only come out if the conditions are safe for you. If the weather takes a turn for the worse we will flick the MTB switch and move to the fat tyre alternative via our social media channels.

Riding together makes the miles a bit easier with some shelter from head winds, some conversation (when not completely out of breath) and a group to latch on to when every part of your body is telling you it’s time to stop! Usually when riding in a group you have a higher average speed as you spend less time pusing against the wind- unless you are super-fit and ride at 17mph+ on your own, in which case we are probably not the group for you.

During January we have a new starters and re-starters ride option for anyone wanting to try riding road bikes in a group, maybe you usually ride solo and would like to try something different, or maybe you’ve got a bike gathering dust that you really should be putting to use!

We organise rides into pace groups so riders can either feel comfortable at their usual pace, or push themselves to ride a little bit quicker. With this in mind we need riders to be realistic in the group they set out with. Steady is a pace that ensures no one gets left behind, medium is generally around 15mph and pacey is over 16mph. It’s not fun being miles behind everyone else so we try to moderate the group pace to stay together but if you are riding at 12 miles per hour in the pacey group we might come to an agreement that the group will push on without you. Equally if you are riding off the front of the steady group at 17 miles per hour, you probably should re-think your group choice!

On the flat and shallow hills we try to ride close together as the group will function better as a cohesive unit rather than dropping riders and stopping for them to catch up, The sum of the parts should be greater than the individuals. Teamwork makes the dream work! On steeper hills everyone has their own pace, so we will regroup once the hill has been completed, either stopping completely or slowing the pace to allow everyone to catch up. No one should be left behind until we get to the final sprint a mile or so from home and then if you have anything left in the legs you can push on!

This weeks rides all start from outside Ivinghoe church and finish around the same spot, conveniently close to the Rose and Crown public house. Most routes head through Berkhamsted, over to Potten End and up to Gaddessen Row. Returning via Studham and over the Beacon.

10:45am 19 miles for New Starters and Re-Starters

10:30am 23 miles

10am short cut (30 miles)

10am 35 miles

10am 20 miles MTB icy conditions alternative

Please have the route burned into your memory or plumbed into your garmin, there are sometimes sharp turns which can easily be missed, we don’t want to lose you! Rides leave on time, so arrive early to get set to go.

Roll on Sunday

Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 15th January

This week we have four ride options for you starting from 10am, 10.30am and 10.45am, so a bit more frequent than the local busses. The rides all start from outside Ivinghoe church and finish in very close proximity to the Rose and Crown in Ivinghoe. Riding together makes the miles easier, a bit of chat and a bit of shelter from the wind. We aim to keep groups together until the final sprint, unless you have nothing left in the legs! So get yourself along to one of our rides this Sunday and enjoy the buzz and fresh air. During January we like to support those new years resolutions so we welcome anyone wanting to try out riding road bikes in a group, we have a wealth of riding experience and ride with a non competitive, enjoy the journey philosophy.

We have a ride poll on the facebook group “Ivinghoe Velos Rearhub” which details the rides and expected pace, you can put yourself into the catagory that most fits your expected average speed for the planned route so you are riding with similar riders

Pacey= over 16mph (no one achieved this average speed on any of our rides last Sunday)

Medium pace= around 15mph (around 30% of riders achieved this average speed last Sunday)

Steady pace= The speed of the slowest rider

 Be realistic about what speed you will ride out throughout the ride. If it’s hilly it will be slower.

Indicate on the poll which ride you are planning to do. It helps other riders decide too. If you have gone off too fast you can always drop back to the group behind. We’ve all  been there! You can change your selection too

Obviously if only three people turn up to ride it would be a bit rude not to look after each other!!!!!

Thanks to Dave Bembridge for this weeks routes, including a new 29 mile trip around the edge of Aylesbury. If anyone else would like to plot some routes using ridewithGPS we can take them on board for future weeks!

10am slightly longer route:

10am not so long route

10.30am a bit shorter route

10.45am new starters and re-starters

Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 8th January 2023

Happy new year! For many riders Sunday will be the first chance of a group ride this year, so dust off your trusty steed and join us for some mile munching. There are some of us who may feel the festive 500 was referring to mince pies rather than kms ridden, so with this in mind, we have limited the number of big hills on this weeks routes! For anyone setting targets for the year, now is the time to get some base miles in, winter miles= summer smiles.

At the start of the year we like to encourage new riders and returners, we start all rides with the motto that no one gets left behind (until the final sprint). We have four route options this week. At 10am you can choose from a 38 mile or a 29 mile ride. At 10.30 we have a 21 mile route and at 11am we have a 13 mile route for those wanting to try out road riding in a group and those returning to cycling after some time off.

The pace of the groups will be dictacted by those on the rides, in general the longer rides are slightly quicker, if you are able to ride at 15mph solo you will be plenty fast enough for any of the rides, if you ride at 13mph the shorter rides will be most suitable and the pace of the 11am route this week will be tailored to those riding.

Riding in a group helps to pass the miles with a bit of conversation and protection from the wind, riding with others avoids those “I think I’ll take a short cut home” thoughts. As a group of riders we are not looking to be competitive and would rather enourage the group to stay together and enjoy the stunning routes around Herts, Beds and Bucks. If you come on your own you are sure to recieve a warm welcome, if you want to bring friends that is great too!

Check out our facebook page the “rear hub” for a poll on who is riding when. Feel free to ask any questions! Our rides leave on time, so please be ready to leave from Ivinghoe church at the advertised start time.

10am 38 miles

10am 29 miles

10.30am 21 miles

11am 13 miles