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Velos Rides for Sunday 26th October 2014

We have three rides on offer this Sunday –

9am start, 48 mile route

10am start, 34 mile route

10am start, 25 mile route led by Dave “The Thespian” Barratt – “The Sunday Slightly Slower Stick Together Ride” going at a sensible 12-13mph pace

With the clocks going back there is no better time to try out our early ride so that you can get some more miles in. As always, please bring copy of the route you plan to ride. The starting point will be the finishing point as well, The Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe – which we are proud to say has won the Aylesbury Vale Community Pub of the Year award. Congratulations to Gary, Kirk and their team – well deserved.

We would like to wish our two Team Time Trial groups the best of luck for their ride from The Cog on Sunday morning. May the “no puncture” gods be smiling upon our brave boys and girls as they speed round the 40 mile course.

It’s a Mystery…

Oh, it’s a mystery….

Somewhere in the distance
Hidden from the view
Suspended in the atmosphere
Waiting to come through
Sometimes it’s so far away
Sometimes it’s very near
A sound being carried by the wind
Just loud enough to hear
I feel its power within me
Bells ringing in my head
So often I have heard its cry
But forgotten what it said

It’s a mystery, oh, it’s a mystery
I’m still searching for a clue
It’s a mystery to me
A shot in the dark
The big question mark in history
Is it a mystery to you?

Wherever it is, it’s where the Tea Ride is going to go tomorrow!  No set plans, no agenda. Other than Tea, Cake, Friendly Company and a Chat.  What else matters?????

See you at the Rose and Crown, Ivinghoe, ready to leave at 10am.  Bring a bike (and a helmet and a few pennies for a cuppa somewhere) and we will go on another Magical Mystery Tour!

But we will be back at the pub for around 12.30… so not that far….

Velos Rides for Sunday 19th October 2014


Two rides on offer this week. Our early ride will take on the proposed route for The Cog Team Time trial due to be held next weekend. While this will allow the members who are entering the Time Trial a chance to recce the course, non-entrants are most welcome to join us for what looks to be an interesting route.

9am start, 45 (ish) miles, meet at R&C then navigate over to The Cog cafe in Tring, then ride  this route.

10am start, 31 miles, meet at the R&C, The Route


We now have a Facebook group where members have a place to be able to discuss ad-hoc rides and plans for get-togethers. We will continue to use the website and Facebook page as the way to post rides so it won’t be mandatory to monitor this group but it has already had some lively conversations so if you are a Facebook user, pop on over and say hello. It is called The Ivinghoe Velos Rear Hub. Many thanks to Andy Beezer for organising it.

Velos Rides for Sunday 12th October 2014

Road Rides

We have three road rides on offer this Sunday – the early one kindly supplied by Dave “The Hill” Howe and includes some new roads for us. Dave has also wrangled a special “Mention the Velos and get £5 off 1st treatment” discount for a local Osteopath Louise Barrett that he is recommending. You can find our more over at Louise’s Facebook page.

Here are the road ride routes and start times for this week –

9am start, 44 miles, The Route

10am start, 33 miles, The Route

10am start, 20 miles, The Route

All three  start from the Rose and Crown, Ivinghoe and we always recommend bringing a copy of the route that you plan to ride.

Off Road / Hybrid Ride

Dave “Jogle” Bembridge has organised another one of his popular canal rides, this time from Pitstone cycling along the tow path all the way to Euston. There will be a stop at The Bree Louise pub for lunch and maybe a pint or two before catching the train back. His group are starting from Pitstone Roundabout tomorrow (Sunday 12th) at 8am.

8am Start, 51 miles, The Route

The Cat might be away…

… but the Tea Ride will go on regardless!

There’s no such thing as the wrong weather – just the wrong clothing – and the forecast is reasonable until ermmm about the time we should all be back in the pub!

So… wrap up a little bit warmer than in previous weeks, drag your steed out of the shed, dust off the cobwebs (be that you or your bike!), rustle up a few pennies for a cup of tea/coffee and join us at the Rose and Crown, Ivinghoe, for a 10am departure.

Velos Rides for Sunday 5th October 2014

Sunday Rides

This week we are revisiting some popular routes from earlier in the year. There are a variety of distances including a longer ride starting earlier than the normal 10am.

9am start, 53 miles to Cranfield

10am start, 35 miles via Markyate

10am start, 25 mile local loop

As always, we meet at the Rose and Crown Ivinghoe and recommend bringing a copy of the route.

 2015 Trip to the Peaks

Andy Beezer has put together some plans for a fantastic trip to the Peak District for May 2015. Below are the details of his open invitation –

Who would like to come on a Peak District cycling adventure next May and cycle some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK?

When: Friday 1st to Monday 4th May 2015
Where: Hartington Youth Hostel (
What: 3 days of riding (Sat/Sun/Mon) in the Peaks with 2 route options each day, one challenging and another less so, with both routes meeting at a common point for lunch (which means riders can switch groups at lunch time if they wish). One of the challenging rides will go up the famous Winnatts Pass and over Mam Tor.

I’ve made a provisional booking at Hartington YHA for the following rooms:

4 X 2 bed rooms
2 X 4 bed rooms
1 X 3 bed room

The YHA have quoted me a flat rate of £31.50 per person per night (inc breakfast) though there will be an adjustment up or down depending on the room.

Please let me know if you would like to come ASAP as the booking will only be held for a few days.

If you are interested, please head on over to this page ASAP and register your interest. Andy will get right back to you with details of how to secure your place on what will be a popular adventure.

Team Time Trial

The lovely people at The Cog Cafe in Tring are organising a Team Time Trial event on the 26th October with space for 20 teams consisting of 4 cyclists each. A few velos have already  spotted the announcement on The Cog’s Facebook Page and entered themselves. If you and 3 pals fancy it please visit their page Facebook Page and get your entry in.

 A Trip to Italy

A few of the Velos went on a cycling trip to Italy last month and have put their photos online to share with us. Click on this link to have a peek at what was a highly successful trip enjoyed by all who went.