Velos Rides for Sunday 26th October 2014

We have three rides on offer this Sunday –

9am start, 48 mile route

10am start, 34 mile route

10am start, 25 mile route led by Dave “The Thespian” Barratt – “The Sunday Slightly Slower Stick Together Ride” going at a sensible 12-13mph pace

With the clocks going back there is no better time to try out our early ride so that you can get some more miles in. As always, please bring copy of the route you plan to ride. The starting point will be the finishing point as well, The Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe – which we are proud to say has won the Aylesbury Vale Community Pub of the Year award. Congratulations to Gary, Kirk and their team – well deserved.

We would like to wish our two Team Time Trial groups the best of luck for their ride from The Cog on Sunday morning. May the “no puncture” gods be smiling upon our brave boys and girls as they speed round the 40 mile course.

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