It’s a Mystery…

Oh, it’s a mystery….

Somewhere in the distance
Hidden from the view
Suspended in the atmosphere
Waiting to come through
Sometimes it’s so far away
Sometimes it’s very near
A sound being carried by the wind
Just loud enough to hear
I feel its power within me
Bells ringing in my head
So often I have heard its cry
But forgotten what it said

It’s a mystery, oh, it’s a mystery
I’m still searching for a clue
It’s a mystery to me
A shot in the dark
The big question mark in history
Is it a mystery to you?

Wherever it is, it’s where the Tea Ride is going to go tomorrow!  No set plans, no agenda. Other than Tea, Cake, Friendly Company and a Chat.  What else matters?????

See you at the Rose and Crown, Ivinghoe, ready to leave at 10am.  Bring a bike (and a helmet and a few pennies for a cuppa somewhere) and we will go on another Magical Mystery Tour!

But we will be back at the pub for around 12.30… so not that far….