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Leave the bike in the shed!!!

Now we are all full of turkey and topping up the alcohol count it is definitely time to leave the bike in the shed!

Tomorrow we will be walking leaving the R & C at 10am. The plan is to return there a couple of hours later, hopefully before ‘time is called’ to enjoy a quick drink with friends. Hip flasks are optional but highly recommended as an integral part of cold weather dressing up. Christmas jumpers, socks and pants can all be sported but lets stay warm!

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas Day

The Velos

Ho Ho Ho!!!!

Yes Sunday is rapidly approaching and thoughts turn to Sunday morning and the meeting of the Velo.  Despite there being an eating and drinking fest occurring before that and much Tesco shopping needed we plan to meet as usual.  In light of the weather our intrepid ‘lead out’ man is getting on his road bike today to test the conditions.  If it is felt the conditions are not great for cycling we thought a festive walk to the Beacon to work on the ‘hangover’ would be appropriate, still meeting at 10am and arriving back at the R&C for a cheeky ‘livener’.  We will confirm the plan on-line tomorrow.

Wishing you all a great Christmas

The Velos


And we’re not talking Jack Frost here. No we’re talking Jack Beezer. Those of you that joined us for the early rides will remember the pie munching Mcdonalds mascot who was last seen somewhere in Ashridge failing to keep pace with his mum and dad. Well the media frenzy is over, the anguish of the vinghoe velos is over………………….Jacks back. Those of us fortunate enough to enjoy our recent rides were rewarded  with the first sighting for 4 months. Surely an event to rival any christmas miracle. However all is not good news, as his appearance was brief, and it was clear that he had been living rough in the woods for some time. He was still wearing his summer cycle clothes, and it was clear that the lack of pies had clearly diminished his once mighty Mr Creosote physique. Those of you cosidering charitable deeds could do no better than to randomly throw pork pies around the forest. Lets just hope he keeps foraging. And for those of you feeling overly generous please throw him a satnav in the hope he may eventually return home.

So to this weeks ride, which I am sure you have all been holding your breath for. The first mile munching ride that has no hills whatesover, a ride not created by Dave “Hill” Howe. No this is the Talking Heads route………………………the road to nowhere! Yep the heatwave has finally taken its toll and we have taken the rare decision not to organise a ride tomorrow. 

So our next ride will be boxing day, and for those that we don’t see before Christmas, we wish you an enjoyable festive season, and trust that you will honour the traditions of our club by having a few isotonic ales. Melly Chlismas!


At last the hurricane season has finished and the traditional warm autumn weather has returned. Christmas is now approaching fast and I have good news to cheer you on your way. The Olympic comittee have confirmed that Turkey and Christmas Pudding are the finest superfoods available and should be included in every athletes training programme. Beware though sprouts are on the banned substance list because of their performance enhancing properties. This dates back to the moscow olympics when the stadium doors were opened for the russian javelin throwers, who set new records with the wind assistance.

And so sticking with the christmas theme, I am sure you will all be thinking of your trees. So what better than riding past a few? Bring your chainsaw in case you see one you like!

12 December 2010 Ride

The Ashes are coming home!!!!!

As England march on in Adelaide thoughts turn again to cycling and the mighty velo!
Whilst we have witnessed an overnight frost the forecast is still slightly chilly for tomorrow morning so we are hoping that any ‘early birds’ doing the route before ten will have a gritter hopper on the back and clear the path for the rest of us.

Thoughts also turn to Christmas as it rapidly approaches, we are planning to continue the tradition of our Sunday morning rides over the festive season so encourage visiting friends and relatives to bring their bikes and join us.

Look out also for the ‘Red Lion’ ride early in 2011 which will take place on a Saturday taking in a number of establishments, yes you’ve guessed it, that aren’t tea rooms! Finishing at the Rose and Crown to meet family and friends.

So enough of the rambling and on to tomorrow, following a hugely impressive turn out of 12 last week we are revisiting a previously used route, one not too challenging and as such only one.

Sunday route 23 miles

Keep cycling!