At last the hurricane season has finished and the traditional warm autumn weather has returned. Christmas is now approaching fast and I have good news to cheer you on your way. The Olympic comittee have confirmed that Turkey and Christmas Pudding are the finest superfoods available and should be included in every athletes training programme. Beware though sprouts are on the banned substance list because of their performance enhancing properties. This dates back to the moscow olympics when the stadium doors were opened for the russian javelin throwers, who set new records with the wind assistance.

And so sticking with the christmas theme, I am sure you will all be thinking of your trees. So what better than riding past a few? Bring your chainsaw in case you see one you like!

12 December 2010 Ride

2 thoughts on “DECEMBER DASH

  1. Saw you guys coming back into Pitstone Sunday morning as I was defrosting from the Tring Velos’ dawn ride. I like the route you chose. Hope you had better luck with punctures than we did – took us two hours to cover 19 miles. Do you know any motorcyclists who fancy following us around with spare wheels?

    hope to join up with you another Sunday soon.

  2. Forecast for Sunday is for sub zero temperatures all day, it might be a bit slippery for road bikes, so if our normal style or ride is unsuitable I’d still be keen to get out for a ride of some sort, even if it’s a short nobbly tyre off road ride.

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