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Velos Ride for Sunday 27th January 2013

The forecast is a bit wet in the early morning but, most importantly, warm enough to melt the last remnants of the snow and ice – so we should be good for a road ride on Sunday.

Our route this week comes courtesy of Dave “The Hill” Howe … and unusually for him it is actually relatively flat(ish). We always enjoy rides designed by members so please do send them in.

As always, we meet at the Rose & Crown from 9:50am. As yet, we don’t have a lead rider for the ‘normal speed’ group so we will be looking for a volunteer in the morning.

The route.


There’s Snow Ride Like the Tea Ride

With more arctic fall forecast for the wee small hours, we suggest you stock up on the neeps & haggis tonight ready for tomorrow’s ride.

If the predicted snowfall does happen, then you will need your knobblies.  If Mother Nature is kinder to us then the route will suit those of you with skinnies too.

Whatever the weather, the tea ride goes forth!  Saturday, 10am, Rose & Crown.

See you there!

Velos Ride for Sunday 20th January 2013

teasnowThe snow and ice are making it difficult to plan for a normal road ride this week so we are going to suggest an off road outing to be on the safe side. As you can see from the picture above, Elke, Sarah & Dave had a fantastic time on today’s Tea Ride which proves that the wintery conditions don’t prevent us Velos from having fun. We would like to draw your attention to Dave’s footwear – this season’s must-have overshoe – wellies.

The route will start as always from the Rose and Crown from 9:50am. We haven’t planned exactly where to go but a venture in to Ashridge is on the cards. Knobbly tyres are a must as much of the ride will be on bridle paths.

Of course, given the unpredictability of our weather, it is possible everything could have thawed by the morning and the predicted snow might not turn up. If members do decide to chance it on a road bike with slick tyres then we can gather a group together in the morning and plan an ad-hoc route – but at this time we are not recommending a road ride on skinny tyres due to safety concerns.

Saturday 10am Tea Ride

Are there any intrepid riders out there? I think tomorrow will be one for mountain bikes so I may not be out myself, but will keep an eye out to see who turns up! There is always good tea and cake at the Rose and Crown for those who get that far, and decide its far enough!


New Year – New Bikes – New Adventures

So as 2012 drew to a close a number of our untrepid group gathered again for what is becoming a traditional Boxing Day Walk to the Brownlow Cafe at Ashridge (thank you Ian and Jensigne, we thought of you sunning yourselves in Spain!) before returning to, yes you’ve guessed it, the Rose and Crown.






A great opportunity to talk to great friends and drink Sloe Gin!!  Get it in your diaries for next year.

2013 a New Year

Look out for those new bikes, chaps I fear the Ladies are leading the way with a nice Scott CR1 and a Trek 7.6 (I think) recently seen out for their inaugural rides and watch this space for a lovely piece of Italian ladies specific machinery (no it’s not a chap called Mario!) rumoured to be joining the peleton shortly.  But leading the fashion stakes look out for those lovely red kangaroo skin road shoes 🙂

Challenges seem to be the order of the day for this year and they can come in all shapes and sizes, but it is great to have a personal goal to aim at!  Next Sunday several of the group are looking to tackle the Harp Hilly Hundred, do let us know if you are planning it and please fly the Vinghoe Velos flag!  London to Paris is on the agenda again with at least 3 of the group taking it on details can be found on the Events page.  Please let us know of other events challenges you are planning that you would like to welcome others on!

Tonight at the Rose and Crown from 1930, there is planned a little bit of pre-ride hydration to say farewell to our founder sponsors Alistair and Tracella Owens who are returning to their native shores for several years lets try and send them off in style!

So to Sunday 13th’s rides meeting as usual at the Rose and Crown at 0950

Longer Route – kindly proposed by Dave ‘the hill’ Howe!

Shorter Route – kindly proposed by Dod ‘the mechanic’ Loxley, who has also offered to lead it out!

Volunteers for leading the shorter route each Sunday are asked to email in to let us know their availability please

Finally there have been a number of requests for Jerseys, these are available providing we get a minimum order of 5 at £38 each.  If you are looking to get one please email your interest through the site along with size required.  YOU ARE STRONGLY ADVISED TO TRY ON A JERSEY FROM A FELLOW CYCLIST AS THE SIZING FROM THE SUPPLIER APPEAR TO BE INACCURATE, or of course in my case too many pies!