Velos Ride for Sunday 20th January 2013

teasnowThe snow and ice are making it difficult to plan for a normal road ride this week so we are going to suggest an off road outing to be on the safe side. As you can see from the picture above, Elke, Sarah & Dave had a fantastic time on today’s Tea Ride which proves that the wintery conditions don’t prevent us Velos from having fun. We would like to draw your attention to Dave’s footwear – this season’s must-have overshoe – wellies.

The route will start as always from the Rose and Crown from 9:50am. We haven’t planned exactly where to go but a venture in to Ashridge is on the cards. Knobbly tyres are a must as much of the ride will be on bridle paths.

Of course, given the unpredictability of our weather, it is possible everything could have thawed by the morning and the predicted snow might not turn up. If members do decide to chance it on a road bike with slick tyres then we can gather a group together in the morning and plan an ad-hoc route – but at this time we are not recommending a road ride on skinny tyres due to safety concerns.

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