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Velos Rides for Sunday 27th April 2014

We have three rides on offer for this Sunday.

First up is an early start ride planned by Dave “Early Riser” Bembridge.

9am Start, 45 miles

Then our normal start times.

10am start, 21 mile shorter route

10am start, 31 mile longer route

Last call for and Club Kit orders. We just need a couple more to meet the minimum order value so please do let us know if you fancy any of the kit by sending us the details on the Club Kit Order Page.

Training continues!! TUESDAY Ride


The local hills took a beating this weekend with Whiteleaf, Wardrobe and Bison (amongst others) taking a beating from several of the Velos!


Details of the kit can be found here and for a limited period later this week we are likely to have a range of sample sizes of jerseys and jackets available if anyone wants to try them contact Andrew using the form on the KIT page. To date there are orders received from Dave (you know which one you are!), Liz and Jeremy, if anyone else thinks I have an order form them please let me know.  It would be good if ALL of the Alpine Adventure attendees was wearing a team jersey for the TdF day (even Bourne Leisure guys!)


25 miles leaving Pitstone Roundabout at 1830,for anyone wanting a shorter ride there are several opportunities to take a shorter route home on well known roads!

Good Friday Velos Ride

Good Friday

As Sunday is looking like it will be a little wet, we have scheduled a long road ride for tomorrow morning. We are grateful to Andy “Climb Every Mountain” Beezer for planning the route.

The start will be from Pitstone Roundabout at 9am and by the nature of it’s creator, it will be a tad lumpy in places (i.e. it includes the infamous Whiteleaf Hill).

9am Long Route from Pitstone Roundabout

There will still be the normal ride on Easter Sunday – this is just a little extra.


A reminder that the Thursday night off-road rides are still happening if you fancy enjoying the trails. We meet at the Pitstone Roundabout at 7:30pm.

Velos Rides for Sunday 13th April 2014

Three rides on offer for this Sunday as we celebrate our extended spell of dry weather. Dave “The Hill” Howe has plotted both of the longer rides. They share the same final 10 miles so there is a good chance we will meet up on the final sprint to the pub. Dave is leading out the early ride which is likely to be at a brisk pace.

9am start 50 mile trek to Cranfield Airport

10am start 32 mile journey to Toddington

Sarah “No Hills Please” Wilson has kindly agreed to lead out the shorter ride this week.

10am start 20 mile trip to Totternhoe

Please bring the route with you and take note that we have three rides and two start times ! As always, we start and finish at the Rose and Crown.

New Tea, Something Stronger & Some Girl Talk…

New Tea…
In our continuing mission, we have a new church to initiate into the ways of The Tea Ride. Largely, if the weather is good, expect an invasion, especially if (& they have confirmed in writing that this is the case), you supply good cake.  And occasionally cheese scones.

So tomorrow will see some new tea ride tarmac.  If you want a preview, you can find the route A here – otherwise wait for the magical mystery tour…..

As ever, 10am, the Rose and Crown.  The Tea Ride.  Where Cake Matters.

Something Stronger….
For those who would like something a little harder, faster, stronger & longer, Mr Howe is venturing off on a coffee ride.  Around 50 miles at 15+mph.  Please let him know if you would like to join him – comment on his post on the Velos Facebook page if you don’t have his number/email address or email in & I will pass the message on (elke@……)

Girl Talk…
Evans (the bike store not the 16+ clothing chain – just in case we’re not on the same girlie page) at Milton Keynes are having a ladies event on Tuesday evening. Includes a goodie bag and discounts on the evening, (20% off clothes and 10% off bikes). There are a number of talks including one on training.

Would anyone like to go? We could perhaps arrange a car share…?

Details can be found here:-Total Women’s Cycling   and here:- Evans One for the Girls