New Tea, Something Stronger & Some Girl Talk…

New Tea…
In our continuing mission, we have a new church to initiate into the ways of The Tea Ride. Largely, if the weather is good, expect an invasion, especially if (& they have confirmed in writing that this is the case), you supply good cake.  And occasionally cheese scones.

So tomorrow will see some new tea ride tarmac.  If you want a preview, you can find the route A here – otherwise wait for the magical mystery tour…..

As ever, 10am, the Rose and Crown.  The Tea Ride.  Where Cake Matters.

Something Stronger….
For those who would like something a little harder, faster, stronger & longer, Mr Howe is venturing off on a coffee ride.  Around 50 miles at 15+mph.  Please let him know if you would like to join him – comment on his post on the Velos Facebook page if you don’t have his number/email address or email in & I will pass the message on (elke@……)

Girl Talk…
Evans (the bike store not the 16+ clothing chain – just in case we’re not on the same girlie page) at Milton Keynes are having a ladies event on Tuesday evening. Includes a goodie bag and discounts on the evening, (20% off clothes and 10% off bikes). There are a number of talks including one on training.

Would anyone like to go? We could perhaps arrange a car share…?

Details can be found here:-Total Women’s Cycling   and here:- Evans One for the Girls



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  1. I am sorry to say I must strongly object to the tone of this post. I find it very sexist and very pro “women”. Some men may object, and it would be a shame to alienate them? 😉

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