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Brabantia Bins found abandoned in Aston Clinton

As you may have guessed some people aren’t too happy with their waste disposal receptacles, might look pretty but …………………………………………………..

The Velos go from strength to strength and we look forward to seeing more new riders along with established riders to join our merry band.  No it’s not Sherwood Forest nor am I called Robin but by the looks of the lovely new bikes there are many to be robbed on their way through Ashridge!

Advance warning:

SATURDAY 4th June – Beginners ride covering abvout 8 miles leaving from the Rose & Crown at 2pm

Sunday 12th June – Tour de Vale Rides from Aylesbury whilst we will have rides out many have expressed an interest in doing this this.  Yours truly will be manning the water stop on the Beacon with his children if anyone else wants to offer their services as a marshall or helper please contact us!


Jack is (or might be) back!

LONGER RIDE (courtesy of Mr B!) – 27 miles

SHORTER RIDE – 15 miles

Have a great week and watch out for those splitting bin bags


Are there more bank holidays this than sales at DFS? For those of you not cycling surely an opportunity to nip out and replace that Brabantia bin thats still got a rubbish bag stuck in it? But for the mighty Vinghoe Velos its another chance to polish up the frames on your transport of choice.

Now before I go to this weeks routes I bring you some good news………………….Jack’s Back! Well he was last week anyway. Is he back for good? Is he fit enough to join the elite? Or will he staying with Fritz? Join us this Sunday to find out.

Now I understand that last week some of you found a few roof tiles flying around the garden, and were deterred from cycling by the light breeze whipping round the chimney. This was caused by a malfunction in our weather software programme. John Hegarty assures us that the switch of and reboot has solved the problem, and that this Sunday glorious sunshine will return with temperatures once again reaching the mid twenties (0C).

Sadly I am unable to join you all on this weekend, but I leave you with two new routes to delight. Enjoy!

Long Route

Short Route

Don’t forget your marmite………….unless your Danish that is! `


Dave Howe has prepared a route for a ride this coming Tuesday departing from the pitstone roundabout a 7.00pm. Dave advises that the ride will be pacy, although no one will be left behind. The intention is to return before dark for a little replenishment at the R&C. Take a look at Daves’ comments on Curly Fries for full details of the ride.


Good evening fellow Veloists,

Please accept my apologies for the late posting of this weeks rides, I trust that reciept of this will not in any way detract from your enjoyment of the annual european Karaoke competition now being aired for your entertainment. As I type a band from Denmark, with hair like the brothers from Ireland are preaching about the future being today. As a cylce group that has no rules and is open to all, we may now introduce an exclusion rule preventing anyone who has entered this competition from our elite fraternity.

And now back to the matter in hand, some rides for this weeks little jaunt.



Now for those wondering what todays title has to do with this article, well in the same way that you should not judge a book by its cover, you should not judge a post by its title!

Let the fat lady sing, I shall now return to upping my fluid levels. Goodnight until tomorrow, 10.00am as usual.


Welcome to this weeks installment from the worlds favourite website. In the week that Bin Laden became Bin and Gone we are reminded of the missing members of our own group. If the might of Uncle Sam can take 10 years to track down a man with a dodgy beard, how are we to find Jack? Some have said that had Bin Laden been waving a Union Jack those boys from across the pond would have got him a lot quicker with a bit friendly fire. But we’re not here to shoot Jack.

So how can an elite group of athletes from a training camp in Ivinghoe track down one of its flock with just grit and determination? The answer is were not going to. The Frisby fiend will return when he’s good and ready. And that leaves us to concentrate on the more important matters, like this weeks rides.

So here they are:

Long route

Short route

Finally before I sign off from this weeks rubbish, I’d like to add a few thanks for last weeks Northampton ride.

So the first goes to Andy Beezer for the excellant route planning, and the second goes to Sally for ensuring an excellant lunchtime venue.

Whilst on the subject of lunch thanks also to the Bell In at Beachamton who managed to provide an excellant lunch to 18 of us all at the same time.

And a final thank you to all those that made the ride together with their friends who had not joined us before.

Please remember to print a few maps of for this weeks rides, and when you’ve finished with them just chuck them in the brabantia, if you haven’t thrown it out yet.