Good evening fellow Veloists,

Please accept my apologies for the late posting of this weeks rides, I trust that reciept of this will not in any way detract from your enjoyment of the annual european Karaoke competition now being aired for your entertainment. As I type a band from Denmark, with hair like the brothers from Ireland are preaching about the future being today. As a cylce group that has no rules and is open to all, we may now introduce an exclusion rule preventing anyone who has entered this competition from our elite fraternity.

And now back to the matter in hand, some rides for this weeks little jaunt.



Now for those wondering what todays title has to do with this article, well in the same way that you should not judge a book by its cover, you should not judge a post by its title!

Let the fat lady sing, I shall now return to upping my fluid levels. Goodnight until tomorrow, 10.00am as usual.

2 thoughts on “CURLY FRIES

  1. Sorry to split off after the Dagnal stop, I was tight for time as I had a very important date with a seat at Vicaridge road (the Watford version). Saracens won!!!

  2. Tuesday racer ride! 7pm from The roundabout in Pitstone, 23 miles to the Rose and Crown via Tring station, Chesham, Ashley Green, Whelpley Hill, Berkhamsted and Aldbury. A slightly quicker ride to squeeze the miles in before dark (however no one will be left behind!) Also small bits of quite main roads. Hope to be supping a pint in the R&C before 9pm!

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