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Paparazzi on their way

Better late than never I guess.

Rumours continue that the press will be arriving in Ivinghoe tomorrow morning to get a shot of the mighty Vinghoe Velos in their smart new jerseys, this rumour has to be true as Gary was seen rushing to London to meet his stylist to ensure he looked his best for the cameras (watch out tomorrow for the eyeliner and red eyes!)

Tomorrow is the last opportunity to order the super new
Jersey, please contact Andrew should you need (or are now allowed to have!) one.

Longer RideShorter (hangover) route


Not content with sticking a glass to our front door and listening in to the messages on our binatone answerphone, whilst our children mourn the sad loss of their hamster Gerry, Beacon News News Hack Nigel, wishes to do a follow up expose on the Vinghoe Velos. Now you will know that the velos do not seek nor court publicity of an inproper nature, however I have, despite my inate shyness, agreed to a further interview on behalf of the club. As you would expect I have stipulated a very strict criteria to the interview and a copy of the proposed questions in advance. This includes no questions relating to the hamster.

I appreciate that many of you value your privacy within the club and I promise not to give out any names unless asked to by Nigel. I feel confident that I can resist for several seconds the surface probing that this experienced news hack will apply. Nigel has also agreed that the final article can be approved by us before publishing, so if anyone knows a vet available for this please let me know.

In addition to the written works, Nigel is also bringing a photographer along on Sunday morning at the start of our ride. I am unclear wether the photographer will be among us or hiding down the road with his telephoto lens. So remember, although we are finely honed athletes, cheap topless shots will not meet with our family friendly ambitions. So please if you’ve got the Vinghoe shirt get it out for Sunday.

One last thing before I leave you. Now that Gerry has gone his cage is empty, I guess that makes him Gerry the Spacemaker.

Mid-week rides & news of a possible Team Wiggle.

Thanks to everyone who came on the ride Sunday. It was another great outing with pretty much perfect weather for spinning around our wonderful local countryside.

And so, on to our mid-week rides –

Tuesday 7.30pm off-road from Rushendon Furlong. Can be quite challenging from a technical perspective.

Wednesday 7pm road ride with route by Dave ‘The Hill’ Howe so expect the odd climb or two.

Thursday 6:30pm off-road from Pitstone Roundabout (calling at Ivinghoe Library @ 6:40pm and Ivinghoe Beacon car park at 7pm). General trail riding suitable for most people.

Team Ride in September – The Wiggle Rut

A couple of members have expressed an interest in riding the Wiggle Rut which takes place on Sunday 25th September. This is a challenging ride of 74 miles but it is not a race so the pace will be set by the participants (i.e. for us -leisurely and supportive). If you decide to enter, make sure you state your group as “Vinghoe Velos”. Also, let me (John Hegarty) know and we will see if we can organise a car pool to get us and our bikes there and back.
Fear not, for those not interested in the Wiggle Rut there will be the usual Velos ride on this date.

Bonjour les Velos

The sun is out and it’s time to get out on the bikes again!
We will be placing a further order for Jerseys on Monday so if anyone is still wanting one having seen them being worn with pride around the highways of the 3 counties please let Andrew know ASAP £38 is the cost and paymentbrequired at time of order please. Bib shorts are also on the agenda approx cost £45 if anyone is interested again please let me know!

Tomorrows rides meeting as usual at the Rose and Crown at 0945

Shorter route

Longer route



Longer Route

Shorter Route

Twitter Lists and Update on Thursday Off-Road Ride

Just a quick note to let you know that we have a new page on the website which those of you that use Twitter, or are looking for an excuse to find out what it all about might find interesting. A number of the Velos are using Twitter and given the social nature of the club we have compiled a list of the members we know about. If you have a Twitter account and would like to appear on the page, please do let us know your account name. The page is here –

While we have your attention, we would also like to update you on the planned ride off-road on Thursday evening. We are planning on meeting a little earlier than our previous posting stated.
We are starting at Pistone Roundabout at 6:30pm, stopping at Ivinghoe library at 6:40pm then heading up to the Beacon car park for 7pm where we will launch into the woods of Ashridge. All abilities are welcome to join us.


Tuesday 7.00pm quick road ride from Pitstone Roundabout

Tuesday 7.30pm off road form Rushendon Furlong. Can be quite challenging from a technical perspective.

Thursday 7.00pm off road from Pitstone Roundabout. General trail riding suitable for most people.

All rides finish at the Rose and Crown………..Convenient I’d say. Don’t forget your new tops.

Cav still in Green as the it rains Datsun Cogs

So another week goes by and the TdF continues to bring to the fore the desire to get on 2 wheels and turn the pedals.

Great to see the fun smiling face on the back of the jerseys starting to grace the roads of Bucks, Herts and Beds and ver shortly the West Midlands! The general consensus is that the imagery sums up what we are about! We are already getting requests for more Jerseys, if over the next couple of weeks we get at least 10 confirmed requests we will place a further order! In the meantime we have also had requests for bib shorts, again let Andrew know if you are interested and for those not into Lycra we are looking into T Shirts.

Thank you to those people leading and organising rides this week a total of 7 rides have taken place!

So now to this weekend, Andrew & Jose will not be out but will aim to be at the R&C from 0940 tomorrow for those people wishing to collect Jerseys and we are grateful to Dave H who has kindly donated the following ride:

Longer Route

Shorter Route


Wow, hard to believe that one year on, what started as a beer chat has now blossomed into the areas most successful cycle club. Whilst some may have been at Glorious Goodwood a few backs, just yesterday saw Ivinghoes’ own festival of speed, as we rejoiced in our first anniversary ride.

Over 80 riders gathered outside the Rose and Crown for the 45 mile 10 hills challenge. If it hadn’t been for the Beezers being on holiday our numbers would have exceeded 100.

As ever the Fatletes set a staggering time,  2 hours 43 minutes including tea and scones. Not only this but Andrew absconded to a rival cycle club on route to give them a fine demonstration in time trial sprinting. Many of us watched in awe at this excellant sporting spectacle.

On return to the Rose and Crown one of members was seen to be sweating. The only cure…………..rehydration. And where one of team goes, the rest follows. Usually this means an unforeseen cross country ride, but this time it meant the bar for some of Alistairs remarkable Isotonic Beers.  A big thank you to Maryse and Gareth for the generous buffet served at the same time.

 A huge thanks also to everyone who has joined us over the last year.

And so to this week, when the festival continues. Tuessday sees two rides:

On road 7.00pm from pitstone roundabout.

Off road 7.30pm. Be warned this can be a challenging ride!

Thursday off road details to follow later.

Enjoy, over and out.