Not content with sticking a glass to our front door and listening in to the messages on our binatone answerphone, whilst our children mourn the sad loss of their hamster Gerry, Beacon News News Hack Nigel, wishes to do a follow up expose on the Vinghoe Velos. Now you will know that the velos do not seek nor court publicity of an inproper nature, however I have, despite my inate shyness, agreed to a further interview on behalf of the club. As you would expect I have stipulated a very strict criteria to the interview and a copy of the proposed questions in advance. This includes no questions relating to the hamster.

I appreciate that many of you value your privacy within the club and I promise not to give out any names unless asked to by Nigel. I feel confident that I can resist for several seconds the surface probing that this experienced news hack will apply. Nigel has also agreed that the final article can be approved by us before publishing, so if anyone knows a vet available for this please let me know.

In addition to the written works, Nigel is also bringing a photographer along on Sunday morning at the start of our ride. I am unclear wether the photographer will be among us or hiding down the road with his telephoto lens. So remember, although we are finely honed athletes, cheap topless shots will not meet with our family friendly ambitions. So please if you’ve got the Vinghoe shirt get it out for Sunday.

One last thing before I leave you. Now that Gerry has gone his cage is empty, I guess that makes him Gerry the Spacemaker.