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Saturday 10am – The Tea Ride

Cycling’s High Point of the week – hoping for a sunny one again tomorrow…

10am, The Rose & Crown.  Come and enjoy some gorgeous Buckinghamshire countryside with a good helping of Tea & Cake along the way.

And a reminder that next week is also the ‘Ride and Stride’ event – Saturday 8th September.   This is open to all Velo’s riders – Mary will put together a route visiting a few churches who will be serving tea and cakes.


I am sure that like me you will not have missed the Lance Armstrong story that has or is going to lead to his disqualification from cycling. Here we have a man who has overcome cancer, won the Tour de France 7 times, and has protested his innonence consistently in the face of doping allegations. It seems strange that a man with such determination no longer has the motivation to defend himself in the face of such allegations.

Now I’m not going to spend too much dwelling in these events, like me you can find significant commentary on the matter in your regular daily read. But it has got me thinking. As ever what follows is based on no research whatsoever, and whilst it may purport to be fact, it may not be.

War is a tragic event, history is littered with it, and despite the modern age continues in lots of places around the globe. I don’t wish to diminish in anyway the horrors, but it could be argued that the side effects have advanced human development at a rate that would not have happened otherwise.

The second world war and the subsequent cold war has created an era of flight that has shrunk the planet and ensures that you get to your holiday destination in a matter of hours and not days. The development of rockets made the space shuttle possible, and has put vehicles on Mars.

Not far from us, up at Bletchley, world war 2 boffins cracked thousands of codes, and created the early computers that have in turn enabled me to comminicate with you via the wibbly wobbly web this morning.

So what’s this got to do with Lance? This is where the lack of research may start to show.

As I understand, young Lance liked to train at altitude, where the body has to work on a reduced oxygen level. Once the body has become acclimatised to this, it is able to perform at normal levels. A prompt return to normal altitude and the subsequent increase in oxygen gives a significant improvement in physical performance.

Of course the modern cyclist cannot spend enough time at altitude, and so the allegations are that after such training, blood is removed and then stored in readiness to be re-introduced at key sporting events.

So how might this benefit the aspiring Fatlete? Well many of us like to enjoy an evening sampling some isotonic beers or wines, but sometimes we don’t get the opportunity, or we simply need to save a few pounds towards our new shiny machine. But now all you need to do is to simply drain of a few pints of the red stuff after your night out and stick it in the fridge. The next time your short of pounds or hours just reinject for that instant slightly intoxicated feeling.

More sound consumer advise from the Vinghoe Velos. Now to the more important stuff, tomorrows ride;

29 miles

Andy Beezer has agreed again to lead a steady paced group to ensure that anyone, as long as you’ve got a bicycle, gets to enjoy the ride whatever your fitness or speed. So no excuses.

Saturday 10am Tea Ride

We had a record 18 riders out for last weeks lovely sunny tea ride, great to see new faces too. Tomorrow looks sunny with a risk of showers, so bring a rain coat if you prefer not to get wet. 10am at the Rose and Crown for another tea and cake adventure.

Mary is bringing sponsor forms for anyone who is interested in the ‘Ride and Stride’ event on Saturday 8th of September. This is open to all Velo’s riders- Mary will put together a route visiting a few churches who will be serving tea and cakes. Let me or Mary know if you are interested.


New Format Ride

Over the last few weeks we have been having much debate about the Vinghoe Velos, where we have been and where we are going!

Just over 2 years ago 3 of us, over a few glasses of refreshment, talked about getting people together to enjoy our own passions for cycling, certain things occurred to us and set the tone for what was then done

  1. This was NOT to be a club rather a group – none of us had sufficient time to administer a formal cycling club, which would require fees, insurance etc etc
  2. We wanted to encourage others to enjoy cycling
  3. We were to be fully inclusive
  4. Slowest rider rules
  5. Have fun and meet new people
  6. Support our HQ, the Rose and Crown
  7. Help tackle the growing problem of obesity in the country (not too successful in some cases!) – ok that wasn’t one of our founding principles!

And so the Vinghoe Velos was born!

We have been overwhelmed by what has happened and what has been achieved and from those humble beginnings where we have now got to.  From 75% of bikes being hybrid/mountain bikes to 95% being road bikes.  Many people taking on personal cycling challenges never considered before, just this year we will have seen:

  • 3 people complete the London to Paris ride rasing money for Charities
  • 1 person complete 5 mountain climbs used on the TdF, with the pinnacle being the  Col de la Croix de Fer, a stage never won by a British rider in the TdF but conquered by our very own John Hegarty who hit the summit in plenty of time to cheer  the ‘Sky Train’ through as Wiggo charged on to win his yellow jersey
  • 10 intrepid members of the group taking on an endurance ride as they set off to Normandy in September for a wine tasting extravaganza interspersed with daily bouts of cycling!
  • Sally Beezer’s Saturday Tea Rides proving a tremendous success

In addition:

  • Bike purchases sufficient to restart the European economy!
  • The numbers of Vinghoe Velos jerseys ordered reaching nearly 50 (order due in next week!)
  • The hanging of the group jersey on the wall of HQ
  • 2 Tandems regularly competing for the ‘Jack’ (Stalker) award!

So where now, we ask? – Watch this space for a Social being organised by our very own Publican (not forgetting “the other one”) and renowned email raconteur, Gary (@turnoverdigger) Peter – yes there is a story there!  The purpose is to openly talk about the good and the bad of the Vinghoe Velos and where it goes next, at the same time possibly having a couple of drinks and also welcoming any new people interested in joining us!

So to this weekend, the tea ride is out today at 10am and tomorrow we meet at the Rose and Crown at 0950 for a quick jaunt around the beautiful 3 Counties.  Recognising that the ‘quick jaunt’ may not be for all, Andy Beezer has kindly offered to lead out a group aiming to average a much more reasonable 12mph.

The route!  – 33 miles – not too hilly but remember its going to be warm, plenty of sunfactor 20 and water bottles filled!

Whilst some of the ride is repeated form last week this takes us further west before coming home – Andy Beezer may wish to shorten the route by heading back from Stewkley via Wing and Mentmore

Keep safe!



The Historic Churches Ride and Stride Sat Sept 8th

The Historic Churches Ride and Stride is on Sat Sept 8th. Mary is happy to plan a route if anyone is interested and to get sponsor forms (half of the money raised goes to the Church of your choice and the rest to the Historic Churches Trust.) Perhaps those interested could let me or Mary know. We’ll leave from Ivinghoe Church at 10.00am and possibly head for the hills!


Olympic Special Velos Ride

First up, many thanks for everyone who came out today on the Saturday ride tea ride. It continues to be popular attracting members as far afield as Antwerp and Long Marston.

Tomorrow we are blessed with a new route designed by our in-house Olympic Routemaster, Dave Howe.  It is a tad longer than usual but we are assured by Dave that there are absolutely no ‘hills’ whatsoever. Please make sure you bring a copy of the ride with you either on your GPS device or, in the more traditional way, on a piece of paper. Looks like it will be a warm 25 degrees as well so please bring something to keep you hydrated. The meeting place is the Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe as always and the time is 9:50am.

Velos Sunday Route

Stay safe.