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Ivinghoe Velos Rides for Sunday 2nd May 2021

Before we get onto rides this week we would like to highlight the opportunity to purchase some lovely Ivinghoe Velos “team kit” It’s a great design and looks amazing when the whole crew is wearing our colours so follow the link and check out the order options Ordering is open to 10th May and it’s around a six week turn round from the end of the order cycle to delivery of kit. The order will be delivered to a central point and then distributed among those who have placed orders.

This week we have three ride options. All routes start from Ivinghoe church and we will split into pace groups if more than six riders will to riding the course. The 9am route will be an ideal opportunity for those wanting to do a bit more but feeling a bit apprehensive about the step up to bigger distances. It’s not too long and not too hilly! The 10am route climbs Aston Hill into some lovely Buckinghamshire Countryside, at 10.30 we keep in flat as a pancake with an outing to Stoke Mandeville.

9am 51 miles with a climb ration of 36 feet per mile

10am 34 miles with a climb ration of 45 feet per mile

10.30am 24 miles, climb ration of 27 feet per mile

These routes are planned to be ridden on road bikes. Please remember to arrive before the ride start time, have a good knowledge of the route you plan to ride, stay safe and enjoy the group ride experience!

Ivinghoe Velos Rides Tuesday 27th April 2021

Three routes to choose from for these mid-week group rides, focusing on flat and fast, with a little kick at the finish! We meet at the round about in Pitstone and ride from 6.30pm. While staying safe and courteous to other road users the aim of the game is to work as a team to get round the route as quickly as the team can manage. Current guidelines require us to ride in groups of six, so we will split into teams as riders arrive. We will finish back at the Pitstone roundabout for a debrief!

CHAIN BREAKER A: To Ivinghoe, through Slapton, turn left, up to the Rye, through Tottenhoe, then Eaton Bray, back into Slapton, through Ivinghoe Aston to the one climb of the ride before turning for home on the Beacon road 22 miles.

CHAIN BREAKER B: Ivinghoe, Slapton, The Rye, Tottenhoe, Eaton Bray, Slapton, Cheddington 20 miles

CHAIN BREAKER C: Cheddington, Slapton, The Rye, Eaton Bray, Slapton, Ivinghoe 16 miles

Some diary dates for you…… In May (possibly 23rd?) there will be a longer Sunday ride with a coffee stop down to do a lap or two of Dorney Lake. The ride will be a 9am start and will take in 75 miles of Chiltern countryside, there will be no prescribed pace, everyone welcome! On 18th July several Velos have signed up for the Hemel Hillbuster which starts from Gadebridge Park, worth a look for a nice summer charity challenge and in August to help celebrate our master route planner Dave Bembridge’s birthday we will be running a set of charity rides, hopefully, god willing, from the Rose and Crown!

Ivinghoe Velo Rides for Sunday 25th April 2021

Four routes to choose from this week all kicking off from the lay by outside Ivinghoe church. So pick your route, let people know on the facebook rear hub poll and enjoy the ride!

9am “Hellfire Hills” A hilly route this week taking in 3,300 feet of climbing in a little under 60 miles (57 feet of climb per mile) this route enjoys the best the Chiltern Hills have to offer visiting Butlers Cross, Bryant’s Bottom, Bledlow Ridge, Radnage and Great Kimble. Some new roads and a ride profile like sharks teeth!

10am “The Downs” 1,500 feet of climbing across 34 miles (44 feet of climb per mile) from the lowlands of Tottenhoe we climb up to Dustable Downs and then through Flamstead to Redbourne, back home via Gaddesden Row.

10.30am “Wingave Wonder” 700 feet of climbing in this picturesque 24 mile route (29 feet of climb per mile) out to Stanbridge and then across to Wingrave

11am “Wiggington Descender” social ride doing 800 feet of climbing in 17 miles (47 feet of climb per mile) to Aldbury and Wiggington.

Please arrive before the start time of your chosen ride with a good knowledge (or plumbed in sat nav) of your route. Stick to groups of up to six riders, splitting into pace groups if required. Our aim is to encourage participation through supporting all members of the groups to complete the route together. Stay safe and enjoy the ride!

Ivinghoe Velos Rides for Tuesday 20th April 2021

As we get more usable daylight we will extend our Tuesday rides, this week we get up to 20 miles! We also have a 16 mile version on a similar trajectory through Wingrave. A third option at a social pace may also be available depending on personnel on the night. We meet at the roundabout in Pitstone at 6.30pm. Team work makes the dream work, so stick in groups of up to six and work together to get round the route quickly and safely.

This is a road bike specific event (unless you are super fit you will struggle to keep up on chunky tires!) Lights to see you home safely are recommended.

6.30 longer option meet park side of the roundabout

6.30 Medium option meet Cheddington Road side of the roundabout.

Ivinghoe Velo Rides For Sunday 18th April 2021

Four ride choices for this Sunday, while the cycling gods have been delivering for fabulous dry weather, the council have been delivering roads covered in cat litter, so be careful out there!

10.30am social 20 miles

10.30am 25 miles

10am 35 miles

9am 57 miles

Please remember to obey the current government guidelines by keeping our groups to a maximum of six riders. Please remember to memorize the route so when taking your turn on the front you lead your group in the right direction. Please look after your whole group and ensure on one gets left behind.

A face book poll accessed via our rear hub group will allow you to broadcast your intended activity which will enable us to predict group sizes and will encourage others out as they will know there will be company on the ride!

Ivinghoe Velo Rides for Tuesday 13th April

This week we have two planned routes for you to consider for your Tuesday outing, one is copied from last week as cold temperatures and snow put paid to anyone doing it!

16 miles including Wiggington

18 miles with three Climbs

Both rides kick off at 6.30pm and will be ridden in pace groups if rider numbers for an option are greater than 6. Please meet on the park side of the Pitstone roundabout for the 18 mile ride and the Cheddington Road side for the 16 mile route. lights are recommended!

Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 11th April 2021

We have four road bike routes for Velos riders to chose from on Sunday varying in length from 15 miles up to 53 miles, so have a good look at the courses, commit it to memory (or satnav), add your intention on the facebook “rear hub” poll published at the end of the week and see you on Sunday!

Please arrive just before your route start time, at the church in Ivinghoe. We will ride in groups of up to six and split into pace groups if rides are over subscribed. Please remember “no one gets left behind” relies on co-operation from each rider in your group, teamwork makes the dream work! Stay safe and enjoy the ride!

9am 53 miles

10am 35 miles

10.30am 24 miles

11am 15 miles

Ivinghoe Velo Rides for Tuesday 6th April

A great turn out on Sunday and groups split nicely into groups of less than six, it’s good to be back! Three rides to chose from this Tuesday and groups will form to stay the right side of current restrictions. We will continue to publish Tuesday routes to help speed us along rather than gathering in large groups to discuss options.

We have 11 miles for beginners, re-starters and the generally knackered. We have a flatish 16 mile loop to the Rye via Cheddington and we have an 18 mile route with three climbs, taking in Drayton Beauchamp, Dancers End and Marlin Hill (big, bigger and biggest).

The rides start at Pitstone roundabout with the 18 mile ride meeting on the park side, the 16 mile loop on the crescent side and the 11 miles route at the bus stop. Rides are designed to get us back to Pitstone before darkness but attaching lights to your steed is recommended

So please pick the route you like the look of, as always we aim to look after all riders, we will work as a team to get everyone round together.

18 miles

16 miles

11 miles

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to fill out the survey which will help us shape future ride options. 76% of respondents tell us they will ride with the group regularly and 72% enjoy having some company and a chat while clocking up some casual miles. Everyone who responded is keen on road rides with a few also interested in muddier options. 76% of Velos would be keen on sportives and charity challenges. Sadly 70% feel work gets in the way of ride options! 62% are happy with current Sunday ride times and distances while others would like to see a bit more variety on the day. One person is keen on riding through London naked!

Another suggestion (possibly a bit more realistic) is to have “guest route planners” which would be great as it might put a different spin on some of our old favorites. The two Dave’s are happy putting rides together, but if you would like to take a role as guest planner for a week please save your route on ridewithgps, propose a date and send it to so it can be planned into the schedule. Maybe a birthday special or a trip down memory lane?