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Velos Rides for Sunday 30th June 2013

Velos Ride

Given the lovely weather, this week’s route takes us to Winslow covering around 35 miles. Pete Thompson has kindly agreed to lead the ride. We meet as usual from 9:45am at the Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe.

The Velos Sunday ride to Winslow.

“Ride to the Horns” – The Slapton Wheeler

Some of our group have entered one of the three Slapton Wheeler sportive rides this Sunday. If you have signed up and would like to ride over to the start with you fellow Vinghoe Velo, there are the times we suggest to depart from the R&C –

101 mile route : 7:30am
54 mile route : 8:30am
26mile route : 9:30am

If you haven’t yet signed up for the Wheeler, they will accept entries on the day so why not take advantage of the super weather and push yourself a bit further than normal.

Rod Mordey

As many of you will know Rod Mordey, along with some of his work pals, are heading off on an enormous challenge this weekend. They are riding from Aberdeen to Southampton over 7 days – that’s 750 miles ! It’s all to raise money for some fantastic causes –

  • Whizz Kids try to give disabled children the chance of a more independent life through the provision of mobility equipment, training and advice.
  • Marie Curie Cancer Care provide nursing care to people with terminal cancer and other illnesses.
  • The Elifar (Every Life Is For A Reason) Foundation help improve the quality of life of disabled children and adults by providing grants for specialised equipment and respite.

You can follow their progress on their blog or on Facebook – .

If you would like to sponsor them, this is the link to their Virgin Money Giving page .

We wish Rod and his friend the best of luck with hopefully tail winds the whole way.


In other news, our much loved shirt sponsor and specialists in re-hydration sports drinks, The Rose & Crown, are running the Bar at a great event on the 14th July run by Marsworth Preschool. More details can be found in here – Marsfest

Velos Ride for Sunday 22nd June 2013

Sunday Ride

This week sees us heading towards Chesham. Meeting at the Rose and Crown from 9:45am with a view to heading off at 10am.

Route to Chesham

Mid-week Rides

Last Tuesday saw our biggest ever mid-week ride. 16 of us did a nice shortish ride to the Carpenters Arms where we met up with the Slapton Wheelers. They were most hospitable and we had a great time swapping cycling related war stories. We originally suggested another meet this time at the Rose and Crown the following Tuesday, but we have realised that the quiz is on so not the best time to double the number of patrons. We are trying to rearrange the next meet-up with them for the following Tuesday (2nd July) – more news next week.

The weather looks to be getting better during the week so we will be meeting again at the Pitstone Village Roundabout at 7pm on Tuesday for another road ride. On Thursday the off-road group will be meeting at the same place from 7:30pm for a muddy adventure. As always, we welcome new riders to all of our rides – please feel free to join us.

Laughter on the Lawn

A last minute reminder that there are tickets still available on the door for Laughter on the Lawn this Saturday (22nd June). Sean Hughes is the headliner for what promises to be a fantastic evening of entertainment.

Velos Rides for Sunday 16th June 2013

Sunday Rides

First up is a long training ride organised by Mr Beezer and Mr Mordey … and it’s a toughie. A 70 mile round trip to Benson taking on around 3,700 ft of climbing with a target average speed of 15 mph. We plan to leave from the Rose and Crown at 8am Sunday for this ride so we should be back not long after the usual time (subject to punctures).

The 70 mile training route

The main 10am ride will be led by Mr Bembridge. The pace will be at the slowest rider so no one gets left behind.

10am Mr Bembridge route

The Slapton Wheeler on 30th June

Our friends from the Slapton Wheelers have organised a very local sportive that takes place on the 30th June 2013. There are three routes to chose from – 26 miles, 54 miles and an eye watering 101 miles. A few our our group have already signed up so if you fancy giving it a go, you are likely to have some company. The sign up forms are over on their “Ride the Horns” webpage.

Road Ride This Tuesday Evening

Continuing on our quest to make best use of the light evenings, we will be venturing out on the road again this Tuesday. The meeting point is the Pitstone Village Roundabout at 7pm. We have an invite from the Slapton Wheelers to stop by the Carpenters Arms for post-ride rehydration so we might need to bring lights for the way home.

Saturday 10am Tea Ride

Join us for a meander around the lanes, pace is slow and the aim is to find a tea and cake stop. Then a little more cycling and we aim to be back at the Rose and Crown between 12 and 12:30 for more tea and cake- or beer and bacon rolls for some.

Meet at the Rose and Crown at 10am, new riders always welcome.


Midweek rides, Sundays exploits and New Kit

Whilst 3 members maintained the Sunday ride tradition from the Rose and Crown, well done guys.  Many people headed off to Stoke Mandeville for the Mix96 Tour De Vale (some on the 35 Mile Route and others on the 55 mile)  irrespective of distance great effort by all and great to see so many jerseys out there!!

55ers at the start (Alan and Graham where are you?!)
55ers at the start (Alan and Graham where are you?!)







Some 55ers and 35ers collecting medals
Some 55ers and 35ers collecting medals








Not forgetting the pit crew!
Not forgetting the pit crew!











Tuesday 11th – ROAD RIDE – Meeting at Pitstone Roundabout at 1900 for a steady 25 miles, following the same route as last week

Wednesday 12thROAD RIDE from Rose and Crown at 1400 for a steady 33 miles

Thursday 13thOFF ROAD – the Hegarty mystery ride around the off road lumps and bumps suitable for ALL abilities but OFF Road bike essential (as are lights!) meeting at Pitstone Roundabout for 1930 start


Details of the new kit can be found here


Velos Ride for Sunday 9th June 2013

As per our posting earlier this week, we have two main events this Sunday.

The Usual Velos 10am Ride

We gather from at 9:50am for this one. No lead rider nominated yet so please do bring your maps just in case you get selected ! The route is detailed below.

Velos 33 mile Route

The Tour de Vale 55 mile Sportive

As a number of our group are riding the Tour de Vale, we thought it would be fun for us meet and ride over to the start together. As the main event starts at Stoke Mandeville from 9am, we plan to meet at the Rose & Crown Ivinghoe at 8am. The route below doesn’t include us going there and back – we will make that bit up as we go along. If you haven’t entered online, their website does say they will accept on-the-day entries at £20.

Tour de Vale 2013 route

Midweek rides

Given the great weather we continue this week with our mid-week rides.
A road ride will depart on Tuesday at 7pm from Pitstone Village Roundabout and an off-road ride will start from the same place at 7:30pm on Thursday.

Nobody Does It Better…

than the English.

Serves tea, that is.  Everything else, we are probably fairly average at.  But as far as tea is concerned, it is a ball game very much all of our own – and comes with it’s own set of rules.

Traditionally, tea is served at 4pm and known as ‘low tea”.

An informal gathering in the morning where tea is served, is known as “elevenses”.

The hostess serves tea, then offers milk, sugar or lemon to each guest.  Tea then milk; sugar then lemon: never milk and lemon!  If there are a large number of guests, then close friends of the hostess will be asked to pour, although in a tea house, the person closest to the pot should always pour.

The teaspoon goes behind the cup – never left in it.  And heaven forbid that you should clink the sides of your cup with your spoon as you swish back and forth to stir – never stir round the cup!

Needless to say, always a pot; never a bag and water.  And a mug is reserved for use in certain establishments only.

The Tea Ride.  Doing it Properly.  Saturday 10am, The Rose and Crown.
With a stop for tea around 11am.