Nobody Does It Better…

than the English.

Serves tea, that is.  Everything else, we are probably fairly average at.  But as far as tea is concerned, it is a ball game very much all of our own – and comes with it’s own set of rules.

Traditionally, tea is served at 4pm and known as ‘low tea”.

An informal gathering in the morning where tea is served, is known as “elevenses”.

The hostess serves tea, then offers milk, sugar or lemon to each guest.  Tea then milk; sugar then lemon: never milk and lemon!  If there are a large number of guests, then close friends of the hostess will be asked to pour, although in a tea house, the person closest to the pot should always pour.

The teaspoon goes behind the cup – never left in it.  And heaven forbid that you should clink the sides of your cup with your spoon as you swish back and forth to stir – never stir round the cup!

Needless to say, always a pot; never a bag and water.  And a mug is reserved for use in certain establishments only.

The Tea Ride.  Doing it Properly.  Saturday 10am, The Rose and Crown.
With a stop for tea around 11am.


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