Monthly Archives: March 2021

Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 4th April 2021

Our first “groups of six” Sunday is upon us! We have four routes to choose from, so please get yourself to the “start line” on Sunday morning just before your intended start. Please ensure you have a full understanding of your chosen route.

Depending on numbers for each ride we may split into defined expected pace groups, please remember our motto “no one will be left behind” so it’s your responsibility to keep an eye over your shoulder and look after those behind you, allow them to hang on to your back wheel to keep the group together.

These planned routes are all road bike routes, if you arrive on a mountain bike, unless you are very fit you may struggle to keep up! All rides meet at the church in Ivinghoe, please divide into groups of six or less as riders arrive.

The 9am route is the longest option, it takes in some hills over to the Hughenden Valley before a flat return.

The medium 10am ride takes in some local villages on quiet roads

The shorter 10am ride takes us to Stewkley via Wingrave

At 11am on Sunday Dave B has kindly volunteered to lead a ride for those beginning or gaining fitness with a flatish 14 mile route on quiet roads, a great introduction to riding in a group, obviously we are capped at six per group, so only five riders can benefit from Dave’s leadership.

Towards the end of the week we will publish a poll on our facebook group “the rear hub”. Please add your expected ride choice. This enables everyone to understand how many riders we are expecting, so we know if groups need splitting and also encourages riders to get out as they know they will have some company!

Getting back into group riding may take some getting used to so please look after your fellow riders with appropriate warnings and road space, stay safe and enjoy the rides!

Ivinghoe Velo Rides for Tuesday 30th March

Hello everybody, it’s been a while! We are now in a position to start up riding in groups of up to six again! We will be advertising rides on Tuesday evenings and Sundays with official posts, ad-hoc rides can as usual be planned amounst group members via the facebook “rear hub” page.

This Tuesday is not only the first chance of riding in a group, it’s also the first evening with enough light to get a decent ride in starting at 6.30pm. We aim to get done before darkness, but from a safety point of view lights are recommended. Please arrive early to be ready to ride at 6.30pm

There are two planned routes to tackle this Tuesday a 14 mile route via Long Marston and Tring Station, and a 16 mile route taking in Toms Hill before crossing Ashridge and back through Slapton. The 16 mile route will start from the playing ground side of the roundabout in Pitstone. The 14 mile route will start from the bus stop. We plan to meet away from the usual corner as this often creates a bottleneck for people walking through. If we have more than six riders per group we will need to quickly split into pace groups and spread out to clearly define the groups. No one will get left behind so please feel free to join which ever route you fancy. We are starting steadily as we get back together! 14 mile route 16 mile route

As we are starting back looking forward to a new year of cycling together, it would be great to get some ideas and opinions so we can plan to enjoy all aspects of the group. Please take some time to complete this survey. We will communicate the survey results and try to ensure our planning and organizing reflects the wants and needs of as many people as possible!