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Handbags and Reindeers

So here we are sat watching a punch up at the Aviva Stadium described as being simply handbags even Gucci handbags, I guess that’s where professional Rugby Union has taken us!

Tomorrow sees the ‘new bikes’ Hetheringtons heading to Milton Keynes for the MK Skyride to promote cycling to the masses whilst Gary continues his European family tour.

One for the Laydeeeeeeeees, Cycletta takes place in 2 weeks time starting and finishing at Whipsnade, whilst no longer a closed road route (apart from Bison Hill) this should be a good ride out. Needless to say whilst being a women only ride they can’t do it without the men and we are looking for volunteers to assist with marshalling and bike mending. Any volunteers please let us know through here please!

Having discovered that major department stores have opened their Christmas Departments our thoughts are turned to celebrating the festive season. Velos Christmas ‘bash’ for riders and their partners has been booked at the Old Hunters Lodge in Whipsnade on Friday 9th December 2011. The cost is £23.95 per head and a deposit of £10 per head is required to Jayne Raynor by 9th October, spaces are limited so first come first served, book early to avoid disappointment! Transport Manager Jim has kindly offered to organise transport (at additional cost) once numbers have been finalised news on this will follow in due course.

So to getting out on 2 wheels!



Have Fun!



Planes, trains, automobiles & BIKES

As the Red Arrows lose a plane, the Chinese lose a train, some poor soul loses control of their automobile causing traffic chaos on the M1, the fleet of new bikes continues to grow at the Vinghoe Velos

Rumour has it 2 new speed machines will be on display tomorrow, with Andrew “I don’t like White bikes” being one of these!

So where to tomorrow? Gary after a week of underwater camping heads off to Italy to plan for the Giro whilst Jose is leading a Skyride Local in Aylesbury in readiness for the MK Skyride next week!

Longer Ride

Shorter Ride

Finally if anyone is thinking of buying a ‘pirated’ cheap import jersey think again.  Our new member Mr M Arrow says the fit isn’t great although we are surprised he didn’t come with a china tea cup!

One for the girls?













MAry Saintey has asked us to remind you that she is once again riding the churches ride on 10 September 2011. She is looking for friends to join her on the day, and has routes already planned. Details will be available on forthcoming Sunday rides.

I have also recieved information From Mark and Izzy Robinson who asked me to put this out:

Buckinghamshire Historic Churches Trust – Sponsored “Ride and Stride”
Saturday 10th September 2011
10.00am – 6.00pm
Money raised goes half to the Church of your choice and half to the Trust for repair of Churches.
This is a nationwide event so churches in Beds, Bucks, Herts and further afield are all open.  The aim is to take part by visiting as many churches as possible on the day and getting sponsored to do it.  Many of the Churches serve refreshments.  Sponsor forms and lists of Churches open can be obtained from Alex Wynne 668336 or Izzy Robinson 660724. More information can also be found online.

Flowers and Chickens

Well its certainly been quite a week, some might say its been a riot. But here in Vinghoe and the surrounding villages life meanders pretty much as normal. Chickens munch toothless on yesterdays scraps, children play in the leafy parks, Dogs are walked, the hanging baskets are watered, the swinging parties continue, and the streets are littered with the blue of the MIGHTY VINGHOE VELOS.

And so we continue with our weekly tour of the surrounding countryside, with no fewer than three rides on offer this weekend. They consist of the usual long and short routes, as well a new off-road route for those of you looking to give your mountain bikes a workout.

Now at this point we would normally give you details of the proposed routes, however I tried to log on to mapometer this morning, only to find their account is currently suspended. We will review this again later today, but if normal service is not reviewed, we will head out on one of our previous rides relying purely on memory to guide us.

Should the mapometer situation be permanent, if you have details of any other websites offering a similar service, please let us know.

Looking to the future (This is not the Septic Meg sections) Mary Saintey is looking to undertake the Churches ride on 10th September and is extending an invite to all. We have lots of information on this and will post details later this weekend.

See you all tomorrow 10.00am.


Here at the

Mid-week VinghoeVelos Rides

Another great turnout yesterday. Not all of us managed to avoid the rain – but then again, what did we expect – it is summer !

Road Bikes :

Tuesday 7pm at Pitstone Roundabout. Fast-ish pace, hopefully without the monsoon we experienced last Tuesday.

Off Road Mountain Bikes:

Tuesday 7.30pm from Rushendon Furlong. Can be quite challenging from a technical perspective but a lot of fun.
Thursday 7pm from Ivinghoe Beacon car park. General trail riding suitable for most people. We do need to warn riders to be aware that there are some very aggressive badgers around Ashridge that have been known to attack cyclists with a view to stealing their bikes. Let’s be careful out there.

Mid-week Velo rides for first week of August

Pinch, punch, first day of the month (no returns).

OK, now we have that silliness out of the way please see below of our mid week rides.

Road Bikes :

Tuesday 7pm at Pitstone Roundabout. The illusive Dave ‘The Hill’ Howe will be leading this one so expect a decent workout.

Off Road Mountain Bikes:

Tuesday 7.30pm from Rushendon Furlong. Can be quite challenging from a technical perspective.
Thursday 6:30pm from Pitstone Roundabout (calling at Ivinghoe Library @ 6:40pm and Ivinghoe Beacon car park at 7pm). General trail riding suitable for most people.