Monthly Archives: December 2015

It’s Tinsel Ride Time!

As ever, the last Saturday before Christmas sees the Tea Ride become the Tinsel Ride.  This year we shall be heading to either Aston Clinton Coffee House or to the Oasis Cafe at Wing Church, depending on numbers.

The same rules as normal apply – as fast as the slowest rider, back in time for lunch, cake/tea/coffee stop obligatory, that kind of thing.  The only additional request is bikes should be suitably bedecked to fit the season.  To what extreme you take that is entirely up to you …..

There will be prizes ……….

Leaving the Rose and Crown at 10am.

Anyone for tea?

As ever, the Tea Ride will set sail at 10am from the Rose and Crown.  It looks like it’s bikes rather than boats this weekend however, the roads are getting a bit skanky and a lot of the hedges have had a haircut so if you have something a bit more substantial than a road bike it might be time to dust off the cobwebs…..

Velo rides for December 6th 2015

The wind ain’t supposed to be too bad tomorrow so saddle up and head on out to enjoy the mild weather.

There are 3 rides for tomorrow:

All starting from the Rose & Crown as normal.

Longer ride: 9am

Medium ride: 10am

Shorter ride: 10am

All GPX and TCX files can be found at the following URL in a ZIP file: