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Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 26th February 2023

Three routes for your consideration this week. After a chilly start the sun is due to come out, so what could be better than a group road ride out in the glorious countryside. Two 10am choices, 38 miles heading north will have you at your Witts End (excuse the pun) or a 30 mile route heading south to South Heath (naturally). At 10.30am we have a 22 mile loop which cruises through Tring and Berkhamsted and back via Ashridge.

10am 38 miles Witts End

10am 30 miles South Heath

10.30am Tring, Berko, Ashridge

We are the Ivinghoe Velos, we are a friendly cycling group who like to encourage participation in the great sport of cycling in a non competitive way. Our rides start from Ivinghoe church on a Sunday morning and arrive back conveniently close to the Rose and Crown pub for those in need of post ride refreshment.

We aim to leave no one behind, so it’s useful if all riders have a good idea of the route planned, or a sat nav to guide you on your way. We aim to stick together on flat sections and regroup after the climbs, Rides leave promptly so please arrive before the start time, we may split into pace groups depending on the number of riders.

Roll On Sunday.

Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 19th Feb 2023

This week we have three route options for your consideration.

At 10am you can choose between a 39 mile fairly flat route or a hillier 30 mile route (both routes have the same amount of climb), At 10.30 the option is 23 miles. While there is no dedicated beginners ride option we always welcome new riders and do our best to look after everyone in the groups. We start promptly from the church in Ivinghoe After a couple of hours out on the roads of Herts Beds and Bucks we have a debrief and vital liquid replenishment at the Rose and Crown pub in Ivinghoe. Generally ride paces range from 13mph to 16mph averages and we split into pace groups if there are enough riders.

While we have your attention we would like to highlight a group cycling holiday in the Autumn. Not only are we heading to Yorkshire for a weekend in May this year, we also plan to cycle in the Italian Alps. Staying for 5 or 6 nights in Bormio from 28th August. An exmaple of the amazing riding there is available at: the estimated cost of the trip will be somewhere in the region of £1,500 The trip will include Stelvlio bike day when the roads are closed to cars. If you’d like to express an interest or have more questions please email once details are firmed up will be send out a dedicated post will full details.

Now back to THIS weekend’s rides…..

10am longer option

10am medium option

10.30am short option

Depending on the weather forcast nearer the time, Sunday 26th Feb may include a 9am start with a slightly longer route option and a coffee stop thrown in!

Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 12th Feb 2023

Good to see plenty of bikes out on the roads this week, feels like a little bit of spring in the air! The thought of warmer weather and longer days raises the spirits and increases the options for riding with pals.

Our rides set off from outside Ivinghoe church and end up at the same spot, conveniently close to the rose and crown public house for those in need of refreshment/reward. We ride road bikes in groups based on expected average pace.

We have our final dedicated starters and returners ride this week, hopefully any locals looking to join an easy paced group ride will have made it out on two wheels. Richard will be the man in charge this Sunday at 10.45

We have three further ride options this week, a medium and longer at 10am and a 10.30 shorter option. Once we get to March we will look at moving back to 9am starts and include the odd coffee option too.

10am longer: 35 miles including up Bison Hill

10am medium: 30 miles Pedley Climb & down Bison

10.30 shorter: 24 miles inc New Road

Holmfirth Weekender

We are a little over three months away from a planned trip to West Yorkshire.

The plan is to base ourselves in the town of Holmfirth for a weekend from 19th May and explore the local area on two wheels. We will plan road routes for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday with the Friday and Monday rides being shorter to enable folk to travel. (2pm Friday afternoon and 10am Monday morning up to 30 miles). All rides will have at least one planned refreshment stop. Last year in May we visited Tewkesbury and completed rides on the weekend with days of around 60 miles at 14 miles per hour, this is tourist pace, having a good look at the new scenery rather than racing round at top speed. If the distance is a problem don’t worry we will have short cut versions too.

One of the joys of cycling is that you work up an appitite so we plan to enjoy some local hospitality in the evenings. In Holmfirth there is a range of accomodation to suit everyone’s taste and budget, book your own accomodation and we will provide the routes and start times. For the best group experience booking something which doesnt require getting into the car once booked in is best. Looking to book now would give you the most choice.

The Holme valley scenery is well known as it was used to film “last of the summer wine”. The town is close to the peak district national park and is part of the west riding of Yorkshire. There are plenty of lovely quiet routes with some decent climbs with rewarding views and descents. Holmfirth has many stone built cottages with a range of hotels, pubs, bars and eateries, we can join up for food, or just drinks if you prefer self catering.

Once we know the number of people coming along we will look into options for food and drink including mid-ride cafe stops. If you are unable to get up early for a ride on Friday we can meet in the evening to fuel up for the Saturday ride!

Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 5th Feb 2023

Cycling is very much a team sport. A pro race features multiple cyclists working as a team. Teams work as units and each rider has various responsibilities based on their strengths. Usually, they are all working together to help one key person achieve an objective. This might be to become the king of the mountain (best climber) or speed king (fastest sprinter). Often the objective is to win a single day race or a stage of a multiday race and then win a multiday tour. Those team members who are not in the frame for major awards are known as “domestiques”-they do the donkey work that enables their leader to achieve their goals. Sometimes this means going back to the team car and getting water and supplies and other times it may be “pulling” the rider or allowing him to catch a draft behind you in the peloton. Sometimes riders may even turn around and go back to pace a rider back up into contention.

We don’t have team cars or awards to aim for, in fact our team objective is usually getting everyone back to the Rose and Crown close to opening time to sup on a beer and share some cheesy chips. This being said, we do work as a team sharing the wind on the front of the group, watching out for hazards and sharing the pain of the odd puncture. Cycling with others makes for a joyful morning out, so if your objective is beer and cheesy chips, a fitness kick, or getting back for family time, come along and join the team.

We have 4 routes on Sunday, all leaving the church in Ivinghoe at the stated start time. Last week we had a really great turn out with a couple of good size groups out at 10am and more at 10.30 and 10.45. We welcome newcomers and regulars with the same friendly approach and split into pace groups based on your expected average speed so everyone gets some ride companions.

Our 10.45 ride features Jason as ride leader who will brief any newcomers, making sure no one is left behind and is a great introduction to riding on roads as a group.

10am 36 miles, longer route

10am 28 miles lumpy route

10.30am 19 miles Leighton Loop

10.45am 16 miles Beginners and Restarters

We are a group of friends riding toegther rather than a cycling club. There are no fees or rules involved in riding with us, we offer no insurance or assurances around the safety of our outings. Riders join rides at their own risk. Please review riding conditions on the day of rides and also make sure your bike is safe and road worthy, we might help with a puncture repair, but a full service needs to be booked elsewhere! We ride road bikes and would recommend riders carry spare tubes and a pump, or a phone and back-up plan!