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Ivinghoe Velos Midweek Rides 29th or 30th June 2021

This week we offer the same ride choices on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings: 6.30pm start from Pitstone Roundabout. Those wanting to watch England’s last game in the Euro 2020 tournament can join us on Wednesday evening, while the football haters can stick to the usual midweek Tuesday spot!

Each evening has the same short and long options, both of which climb Hastoe Hill before descending to Chesham Vale, The shorter route returns via Pitstone Hill, while the longer option heads through Ashridge and under the zoo before returning through Slapton.

6.30pm 22 miles:

6.30pm 32 miles

Midweek rides can be fast and furious, so get yourself into a suitably paced group, keep up with the pack and enjoy the ride!

Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 27th June 2021

Three ride options this Sunday, 58 miles at 9am out to Grendon Underwood, 33 miles at 10am up Dunstable Downs and 22 miles at 10.30am up Dancers End.

Each ride starts at Ivinghoe church with the 9am ride usually ridden slightly faster than the 10am ride and the 10am ride slightly quicker than the 10.30 ride.

Sunday 9am

Sunday 10am

Sunday 10.30am

This weekend the best sporting event of the year starts, so no doubt there will be plenty of TDF chat on the rides, If you fancy a go at gaining bragging rights join the Ivinghoe Velos Fantasy Tour de France league and see if you can out-wit the rest of us with your own top team. Follow the link… joining the league 8017 Ivinghoe Velos

The usual route planners Dave B and Dave H have crafted this weeks routes, next week we have a guest planner with Andrew B providing the 9am route, if anyone would like to step up to plan the shorter routes email with a “ride with GPS” link by Wednesday.

Next Tuesday some riders may be keen to watch some football at our normal ride time, so we will offer the same routes on Tuesday and Wednesday evening at 6.30pm. I’m sure this will enable anyone riding on Wednesday to get over the celebration hangover after a great English victory!

Finally anyone who has ordered team kit during the recent order cycle can now arrange collection from John H and enjoy some rides in our lovely team blues.

Ivinghoe Velos rides for Tuesday 22nd June 2021

For those wishing to get done in time to watch England v Czech Republic on Tuesday we have some flexible options for you! Starting at Pitstone roundabout.

For those able to ride earlier, at 5.30pm we have a 17 mile Wingrave loop. This loop will lead into a 15 mile Dancers End loop.

At 6.30pm we have a 15 mile Dancers End loop. This loop can continue onto the Wingrave loop, to make the ride up to 31 miles or you can choose to stop and watch the football after the 15 miles.

The 6.30 group should not wait at the roundabout for the 5.30 group and vice versa.

5.30pm start:

6.30pm Start:

Routes are fairly flat, so there should be time to get a beer on the go before the football starts!

Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 20th June 2021

Three routes to chose from this Sunday. In preparation for Le Tour starting the following weekend we take on some Bucks and Beds categorized climbs. There may be rain drops.

9am “three peaks” The full beacon, Bison Hill and Sharpenhoe Clappers

10am Lumpy Chesham

10.30 Wound Wing and Wingrave

Please arrive before the ride start time. Ensure your group looks after all riders and stay safe! Keep an eye on our social media channels for updates and additional ride options.

Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Tuesday 15th June 2021

6:30 roundabout ride! This week for those who want to, we will have a practice chain gang ride.

Instructions from Captain Dave B: Using the base route, Can be extended or shortened. First third and last third are an opportunity to group ride with every member taking a turn at the front and holding a steady pace. Middle has a few lumps.
So if we split into groups depending on what you want to do or pace. 30 seconds on the front but not increasing the pace, Then pull over to the right to let the group pass on the inside and drop to the back.. You are responsible for the rider behind you..If they have fallen off then shout ‘Gap’ . Leader slows until a call of ‘Back on’  Practice on the way out to Well Lane, Groups to regroup at Cubbington and then see what we can do on the way home.


The following Tuesday is the closest we have to the longest day so will be giving riders the chance to a slightly longer option with a cut back alternative. Happy riding!

Ivinghoe Velos Rides June 2021

This post contains a base route for Tuesday evening which riders can adapt to increase/decrease as required. With the light evenings some riders will be wanting to crack 30 miles, while others will be happy with the 20 on offer.

Tuesday base (6.30pm start Pitstone roundabout)

There are also Sunday routes included below…

This weekend the Euro football competition starts, apparently it’s a bit like the Tour De France but British teams have less chance of winning than Chris Froome in the Tour. The Rose and Crown will be showing games on a big screen in the garden. This means anyone who usually parks their bike in the pub on Sunday will need to find alternative parking options in the local area as no bikes will be allowed in the pub to help with social distancing.

The Sunday routes are designed to get you back in time to watch England’s soccer ball efforts at 2pm. A great way to come down after a ride high!

Sunday 9am

Sunday 10am

Sunday 10:30am

Looking into the future we have the Hemel Hillbuster to look forward to on 18th July, the Dunwich Dynamo is 24th July, if anyone is feeling energetic! We also plan to take a drive over to the Cotwolds and do 50 miles on quiet lanes with different pace options depending on numbers. We will also offer a 100km Sunday route at 10am pace. Further ahead into August we will hold our annual charity ride starting from the usual place, with options for everyone to enjoy, further details to follow!

Ivinghoe Velos Rides for Sunday 6th June 2021

Three routes for Ivinghoe riders to enjoy this weekend, so pick the one you fancy and have some fun in the sun. The 9am route is likely to be ridden at higher than 16 mph average, the later routes will depend on personnel on the day, splitting into groups so riders who prefer a certain pace can volunteer their services as road captains, keeping groups together at the pace agreed at the start of the ride.




We have a Ivinghoe Velos WhatsApp Group – all IV welcome to join. The core purpose of the group is brief key messages to let other riders know things like:
– I’m doing the xx ride – anyone else coming?- I am on my way to the start meet-up, punctured please wait ….- I got left behind by the group, had a mechanical, now sorted, see you at ……- etc. 
If you’d like to be added please speak to someone in the group Ivinghoe Velos-Peleton on Sunday so you can request to join the group. On drop Rod an email with your contact details