Ivinghoe Velo Rides for Tuesday 6th April

A great turn out on Sunday and groups split nicely into groups of less than six, it’s good to be back! Three rides to chose from this Tuesday and groups will form to stay the right side of current restrictions. We will continue to publish Tuesday routes to help speed us along rather than gathering in large groups to discuss options.

We have 11 miles for beginners, re-starters and the generally knackered. We have a flatish 16 mile loop to the Rye via Cheddington and we have an 18 mile route with three climbs, taking in Drayton Beauchamp, Dancers End and Marlin Hill (big, bigger and biggest).

The rides start at Pitstone roundabout with the 18 mile ride meeting on the park side, the 16 mile loop on the crescent side and the 11 miles route at the bus stop. Rides are designed to get us back to Pitstone before darkness but attaching lights to your steed is recommended

So please pick the route you like the look of, as always we aim to look after all riders, we will work as a team to get everyone round together.

18 miles https://ridewithgps.com/routes/35601305

16 miles https://ridewithgps.com/routes/35599309

11 miles https://ridewithgps.com/routes/35599333

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to fill out the survey which will help us shape future ride options. 76% of respondents tell us they will ride with the group regularly and 72% enjoy having some company and a chat while clocking up some casual miles. Everyone who responded is keen on road rides with a few also interested in muddier options. 76% of Velos would be keen on sportives and charity challenges. Sadly 70% feel work gets in the way of ride options! 62% are happy with current Sunday ride times and distances while others would like to see a bit more variety on the day. One person is keen on riding through London naked!

Another suggestion (possibly a bit more realistic) is to have “guest route planners” which would be great as it might put a different spin on some of our old favorites. The two Dave’s are happy putting rides together, but if you would like to take a role as guest planner for a week please save your route on ridewithgps, propose a date and send it to davehowe@aol.com so it can be planned into the schedule. Maybe a birthday special or a trip down memory lane?