Cav still in Green as the it rains Datsun Cogs

So another week goes by and the TdF continues to bring to the fore the desire to get on 2 wheels and turn the pedals.

Great to see the fun smiling face on the back of the jerseys starting to grace the roads of Bucks, Herts and Beds and ver shortly the West Midlands! The general consensus is that the imagery sums up what we are about! We are already getting requests for more Jerseys, if over the next couple of weeks we get at least 10 confirmed requests we will place a further order! In the meantime we have also had requests for bib shorts, again let Andrew know if you are interested and for those not into Lycra we are looking into T Shirts.

Thank you to those people leading and organising rides this week a total of 7 rides have taken place!

So now to this weekend, Andrew & Jose will not be out but will aim to be at the R&C from 0940 tomorrow for those people wishing to collect Jerseys and we are grateful to Dave H who has kindly donated the following ride:

Longer Route

Shorter Route