Wow, hard to believe that one year on, what started as a beer chat has now blossomed into the areas most successful cycle club. Whilst some may have been at Glorious Goodwood a few backs, just yesterday saw Ivinghoes’ own festival of speed, as we rejoiced in our first anniversary ride.

Over 80 riders gathered outside the Rose and Crown for the 45 mile 10 hills challenge. If it hadn’t been for the Beezers being on holiday our numbers would have exceeded 100.

As ever the Fatletes set a staggering time,  2 hours 43 minutes including tea and scones. Not only this but Andrew absconded to a rival cycle club on route to give them a fine demonstration in time trial sprinting. Many of us watched in awe at this excellant sporting spectacle.

On return to the Rose and Crown one of members was seen to be sweating. The only cure…………..rehydration. And where one of team goes, the rest follows. Usually this means an unforeseen cross country ride, but this time it meant the bar for some of Alistairs remarkable Isotonic Beers.  A big thank you to Maryse and Gareth for the generous buffet served at the same time.

 A huge thanks also to everyone who has joined us over the last year.

And so to this week, when the festival continues. Tuessday sees two rides:

On road 7.00pm from pitstone roundabout.

Off road 7.30pm. Be warned this can be a challenging ride!

Thursday off road details to follow later.

Enjoy, over and out.

2 thoughts on “ONE YEAR ON

  1. Enjoyed the Birthday Ride for those of us who chose to take a different route. Disappointed that we have been referred to as ‘Fatlettes’ perhaps you misspelt (we chose a less hilly route)? I understood the ethos of the club was to encourage any rider, regardless of age, ability etc. etc…..
    Perhaps I’ve missed the point. However we enjoyed each others company, and conversation. That’s what cycling is all about. Hang the speed – did all that years ago!

    1. Mary
      You are completely right the ethos of the Vinghoe Velos is to encompass all riders of any ability and we continue to strive to do that. The Velos are completely dependent on those people who want to contribute their time energy and sometimes misunderstood sense of humour for nothing. No it was not a typo and no it was not directed at any individual or group of riders but simply a bit of light humoured fun created by 7 year old son of one of the group describing his father and his co cyclists as “Fatletes” if that has caused offence we are sorry! As a final note being all encompassing we recognise and support people who want to go faster, slower, further, shorter, flatter or hillier and that we will continue to do. Over the last 7 days we are proud to have co-ordinated 3 road rides, 3 off road rides and a beginners ride and jerseys for 30 people in our own time

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