Are there more bank holidays this than sales at DFS? For those of you not cycling surely an opportunity to nip out and replace that Brabantia bin thats still got a rubbish bag stuck in it? But for the mighty Vinghoe Velos its another chance to polish up the frames on your transport of choice.

Now before I go to this weeks routes I bring you some good news………………….Jack’s Back! Well he was last week anyway. Is he back for good? Is he fit enough to join the elite? Or will he staying with Fritz? Join us this Sunday to find out.

Now I understand that last week some of you found a few roof tiles flying around the garden, and were deterred from cycling by the light breeze whipping round the chimney. This was caused by a malfunction in our weather software programme. John Hegarty assures us that the switch of and reboot has solved the problem, and that this Sunday glorious sunshine will return with temperatures once again reaching the mid twenties (0C).

Sadly I am unable to join you all on this weekend, but I leave you with two new routes to delight. Enjoy!

Long Route

Short Route

Don’t forget your marmite………….unless your Danish that is! `