Brabantia Bins

Firstly let me apologise to those of you who are grappling with an overload of new hormones and thoughts of an ideal world, for today’s jottings may not be on your plateau. If this applies to you then please stroll down the page where you will find the juicy bits.

But for those of just waking up, perhaps nursing a slight headache and contemplating frying a freshly delivered egg, then this may be for you. Now there was once a time when the kitchen bin was just that. It either sat behind a cabinet door collecting rubbish until such time that you could not shut the door, or it was a simple plastic affair that sat in the corner where its white lid quickly collected tea stains from the teabag being removed from your cup.

Now thanks to those wonderful people at Brabantia we have a style icon for the kitchen. These carefully designed, stainless steel garbage containing vats come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all kitchens and lifestyles. For those of you looking to help save the planet, there is the twin compartment model that allows you to segregate your compost from your landfill.

But before you rush off to snap up one of these visual delights I advise caution, for the Brabantia bin comes with a health warning similar to one given for a holiday in Thailand. Whilst that maid you have recently hired may delight upon the eye with a fine female form, once you get inside the pleasant exterior you may find more bits than you were bargaining for. And this brings us to the nub of the problem, the inside of the bin. Whilst the outside has been carefully designed it is on the inside that you will find your problems.

Once you have exhausted your first supply of rubbish bags your shopping dilemma will occur. You will have carefully disposed of the box in which the bin arrived and thus be unable to remember which bin you have, or what size it is. You will be looking at the shelves in Waitrose or Tesco and see a variety of different bags and sizes. Eventually you will have to guess on the bags to take home.

If you have selected correctly then you will be spared a return visit to the shops for some time, where you will again have to face the above dilemma. Should you have selected incorrectly you will be faced with a further dilemma. Either the bag will be too small and you will spend hours trying to stretch it to fit your bin, or it will be to big at you will be trying to hide the over flowing plastic such that it doesn’t ruin the sight lines of your latest kitchen accessory. Ultimately you will end with a kitchen draw full of unwanted bags and another trip to the shops.

So now let’s assume you have overcome these challenges, or you are simply using your bin for the first time. You will be regularly filling the bin until such time as it appears full. This will be at night time, probably after dinner and you won’t be wanting to take the contents outside to that ugly green thing. So you will squash some more into the Brabantia and this will continue until such time as you are forced to remove the bag from inside. Now those of you familiar with the inside will now that within the outer steel bin lives a plastic one that you pull out via a concealed handle. Once the plastic bin is removed you are then able to remove the plastic bag containing all your compressed rubbish. And here we get to the heart of the matter. As you pull the bag out, it will drag across the handle and tear leaving much of your flippin rubbish all over the kitchen floor!

So there, proof indeed, that at the Vinghoe Velos we talk rubbish.

Now to the juicy bits as promised above……… this weeks rides.

Firstly the Iain Rennie ride takes place tomorrow. If you have not already registered then entry is now closed. Good luck to all those taking part.

Long Ride

Short Ride

Now before I leave you to enjoy the rest of the weekend I bring you news of another money spinner. If you are enjoying those fresh eggs delivered by Andrew and Jose then this is for you. As you know they now have 12 chickens and egg production is now at an all time high, such that they have a shortage of shells.

So when you’ve cracked that shell open, don’t discard into that shiny new bin. No simply pop up to the Rose and Crown on Friday night where Andrew and Jose will refund you 5pence for each returned shell. The healthy alternative to returning fizzy drinks bottles!

Hey its not every week you get bins, lady boys, eggs and cycling in one article. That should get our numbers up on a google search!

That’s all folks!