Ivinghoe Velos Routes For Sunday 24th September

We have three routes heading out from Ivinghoe, by the church, on Sunday morning. This week there is a focus on climbing, but don’t worry as Sir Isaac Newton may have said “what goes up, must come down” so there will be some lovely decents to enjoy on the downslopes! Thanks all always to Dave B for crafting the 10am and 10.30 routes for us.

9am https://ridewithgps.com/routes/44521118 59 feet of climbing per mile over 49 miles

10am https://ridewithgps.com/routes/44517579 58 feet of climbing per mile over 32 miles

10.30am https://ridewithgps.com/routes/44517605 50 feet of climbing per mile over 20 miles

We are a group of friends riding toegther rather than a cycling club. There are no fees or rules involved in riding with us, we offer no insurance or assurances around the safety of our outings. Riders join rides at their own risk. Please review riding conditions on the day of rides and also make sure your bike is safe and road worthy, we might help with a puncture repair, but a full service needs to be booked elsewhere! We ride road bikes and would recommend riders carry spare tubes and a pump, or a phone and back-up plan! Please ensure you have the route you have chosen to ride plumbed into your headset computer so that when you take your turn on the front you can make the turns at the right time. Depending on numbers and expected speeds we may split into groups, we aim to leave no one behind unless they are keen to enjoy some solo time, “in solitude you will find the whispers of your true self” or some swear words as you struggle up the next hill.