Another week……another ride (or two!)

Fantastic turnout last week with 16 ‘velos’ out to play. 

Unfortunately one of our group was unable to make it having had his ‘wings clipped’ by a car driver unable to see him in the low sun resulting in one mangled bike but fortunately no serious injury to the rider.  The moral to this tale is that even with cyclists and car drivers taking care accidents can happen!  We do look forward to the new bike and may run a sweepstake for the colour!

Spotted last week was a ‘new’ road bike replacing the one ridden before, which will last long in our memories!

We look forward to other new additions both in people as well as hardware over the weeks to come!

So what else is happening:

‘BEGINNER RIDES’ – led by Dave B these will start again next Saturday, 22nd January, leaving from the Rose and Crown at 2pm.  This will be in the region 0f 8-10 miles of not too hilly riding!

Mix 96 TOUR DE VALE -12th June 2011

We are intending to do the Tour de Vale rides as a Vinghoe Velos event and whilst leaving the registration and choice of distance to the individual we hope that many of us will aim for the challenging ride of 55 miles.  Not only will this be a fitting challenge but the route comes through our beautiful village and we have been asked for volunteers to man the refreshment stop located on ‘the lawn’.

We are still on the look out dor womeone that can assist with a simple ‘logo’ design that we can put on this site and then have printed on shirts etc, if anyone knows of anyone who would be happy to give their expertise and time for free please let us know!

Now to this weekends rides, we have 2 to tempt you.  Those who are having family photos done (you know who you are!), don’t know what you missing, the first ride being a request from Bob Corn



Remember our special promotion of bring a friend and get them to buy you a pint in the pub after, the more the merrier!

The Velos!