Herberts Hole

Many thanks to everyone who came out on last week’s ride. There were 28 of you which is a great turnout especially considering we are now in the winter season.

This week we are privileged to see ride planner Dave “l’alpe d’huez” Howe take a break from planning the route for the 2013 Tour de France to draw up a new route for us. The weather is forecast to be fabulous tomorrow so we look forward to a ride that includes a trip around the Pednor Loop together with a climb up Herberts Hole.

It is a 30 mile trek and we hope to get of to a prompt start so please try an aim to arrive at the R&C by 9:45am if you can. As is the norm these days we will divide up into two main groups with two paces.

As always, we welcome riders of all abilities. Sometimes the groups can become fragmented so please print out a copy of the route for any emergency navigation that is required.

Herberts Hole Route – 30 miles

Safe Cycling everyone !

3 thoughts on “Herberts Hole

  1. Well i didn’t realise how much trouble we would get into trying to get up Herberts hole! Note to self, must check entire route before suggesting via mapometer. Arrewig lane looked like a proper road on the map, it was more like a disused green lane.
    Sorry to have put finely honned velos athletes at risk of injury and mechanical failure on Sunday. Thinking of starting a bike support/ recovery service on Sunday mornings, any takers? Keep rolling!

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