Ivinghoe velos Rides For Sunday 14th Jan 2024

This week the prospect is some dry cool conditions, so no better time to get out and kick start that healthy lifestyle, not only physically by completing some exercise but also mentally by engaging in converstion with some of the finest brains in the LU7 9 post code. Or so we like to think.

Two rides starting at 10am this week. Take you pick and enjoy a group outing with the velos. The more the merrier, we have been riding for over a decade, so have a good knowledge of the best local routes and some expertise in mending minor mechanicals.

The first is a 16 mile beginners and returners route which stays pretty flat and should ensure you are banging on the door of the pub before 12 oclock. With 400 feet of climbing over 16 miles this is pretty much as flat as possible, completing two local loops with Slapton as the mid point. This ride will have a leader and will be moderated to ensure everyone gets the group ride experience. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45324812

The second is a 34 mile ride with a couple of hills in the middle with 1,400 feet of climbing the hills are out of the way by the half way point and then it’s a nice tight group return which will be slightly wind assisted! Last week riders decided to ride the medium route together, so depending on numbers there could be one or two pace options for this ride. Last Sunday’s rather hilly ride medium ride with some tricky lanes was ridden at an average speed of 13.5 to 14.5mph, this weeks could be slightly quicker as there is less climbing and plenty of flat sections on reasonable roads. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45327650

The extra bit you can read if you are really bored

Ivinghoe Velos are a bunch of cyclists who enjoy getting out together sharing rides on local roads as well as the odd trip away. We are a non-competitive group who pride ourselves on our friendly appoach to road cycling, enjoying the health and social benfits that go along with regular exercise as well as the odd well earned beer after a ride (optional!) The group has no fees or membership and has been planning routes on a purely voluntary basis every Sunday since 2010. It’s great that 14 years on we still get over 20 riders show up for winter rides (last Sunday). Route planners and post publishers by no means guarentee the safety of riders while out on the roads, suitable care and safety equipment is needed for each individual, who takes part in rides at their own risk.

At the time of writing the forecast for Sunday’s rides is dry with light winds and above freezing. While the guys at Velos Towers try to plan rides based on the weather conditions, we can’t make a decision on your own safety, so please keep an eye on the conditions and only come out if the conditions are safe for you. If the weather takes a turn for the worse we will flick the MTB switch and move to the fat tyre alternative via our social media channels.

Riding together makes the miles a bit easier with some shelter from head winds, some conversation (when not completely out of breath) and a group to latch on to when every part of your body is telling you it’s time to stop! Usually when riding in a group you have a higher average speed as you spend less time pusing against the wind- unless you are super-fit and ride at 17mph+ on your own, in which case we are probably not the group for you.

During January we have a new starters and re-starters ride option for anyone wanting to try riding road bikes in a group, maybe you usually ride solo and would like to try something different, or maybe you’ve got a bike gathering dust that you really should be putting to use!

We organise the longer rides into pace groups if numbers are large, splitting groups at the start of the ride (or riding together at a moderate pace if only a few riders are out). Steady is a pace that ensures no one gets left behind, medium is generally around 14-16mph and pacey is over 16mph. It’s not fun being miles behind everyone else so we try to moderate the group pace to stay together but if you are riding at 12 miles per hour in the pacey group we might come to an agreement that the group will push on without you. Equally if you are riding off the front of the steady group at 17 miles per hour, you probably should re-think your group choice!

On the flat and shallow hills we try to ride close together as the group will function better as a cohesive unit rather than dropping riders and stopping for them to catch up, The sum of the parts should be greater than the individuals. Teamwork makes the dream work! On steeper hills (up and down!) everyone has their own pace, so we will regroup once the hill has been completed, either stopping completely or slowing the pace to allow everyone to catch up. No one should be left behind until we get to the final sprint a mile or so from home and then if you have anything left in the legs you can push on!