Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 7th January 2024

Hello 2024! We had a pretty good turn out on the last ride of 2023 so well done to the riders who saw the year out with a decent ride and dare I say it an early new year beer or two!

Hopefully folk are fit and well and ready to roll in 2024, if you are looking to enjoy group rides, kick start a healthy lifestyle change, maintain last year’s fitness gains or catch up with friends new and old then Ivinghoe Velos rides are the place to be! New joiners and returners are always welcome and particularly at the start of the year when riding alone can be tough. We ride road bikes, chunky tires are welcome but they do make it hard to keep up!

We are not a cycle club, there is no membership fees, riders can come along as often or as little as they like. We are a large group of friends enthusiastic about riding bikes with a good knowlege of local routes and the mechanical working of our bikes. We have various distance and pace options to suit most casual riders. While our quickest rides can go along at a reasonable pace, If you are training for the Olympics we are probably not the group for you! Our top speed average rarely exceeds 16mph while our lower mileage rides are often around 14mph, depending on how much climbing is involved! Riding in a group saves a good 20% of your usual solo effort so join the group for some easier miles!

Rides Start and finish in Ivinghoe, at the junction by the church, our general aim is to leave no one behind unless they are dead set on wanting to continue solo (we often hear riders say they are happy to continue on their own but we know it’s always easier in a group so we moderate the pace to get everybody back, or split into pace groups)

While we meet and complete suggested routes each week, we can make no guarentees about traffic safety and road conditions, anyone joining us must be responsible for their own safety, ensure their equipment is in good order and ride with due caution.

This weeks longer rides both start at 10am and head to Chipperfield, there is a shorter and longer option 31 miles or 38 miles (with a bit more climbing). If you are confident of riding 30 miles solo at 14mph or more these rides are suitable for you!

At 10.30 we have a new year ride to encourage returners and new joiners, riden at a pace to get everyone round comfortably and with Dave Bembridge as ride leader, you can join this group if you’d like to test riding with others in a small group. The route is 13.5 miles and avoids any serious hills so the group can keep turning the pedals, come along if you fancy giving us a gentle try out.

10am 38 miles Chipperfield chase Extended https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45286300

10am 31 miles Chipperfield Chase https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45286236

10.30 13.5 miles new starters and returners: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45284748

We often regroup after rides at the Rose and Crown in Ivinghoe where isotonic beverages and health boosting cheesy chips are usually available to purchase, the perfect end to time out on a Sunday morning!