Velos Rides for Sunday 1st December 2019

Sunday rides

Looks like it will be dry and a little chilly for our Sunday excursions so we might need an extra layer or two.

9am start, 55 miles

10am start, 41 miles

10am start, 23 miles

As always, please bring a copy of your chosen route with you either electronically on your GPS gadget, or go old school using the analogue method : a bit of paper. We depart from the Rose and Crown in Ivinghoe at the times stated above.

Xmas drinks

This year our Xmas drinks will be on Friday the 13th at the Rose and Crown. It will be a chance to see if you can recognise your fellow rider with their clothes on. Additionally, and depending on how the General Election in the 12th goes, you may be drowning your sorrows or celebrating the success of your chosen party.