Ivinghoe Velos, Merry Christmas!

On Friday night (16th December) the Rose and Crown in Ivinghoe is our destination for some pre-Christmas drinkies. Hopefully despite the weather we should have a good crowd, please feel free to bring the other half (and I don’t mean your bike). Arrive and leave at your convenience, no food has been booked so unless you have already organised something at the pub please eat beforehand.

This Sunday is the last one before Christmas day itself. It’s a shame that the weather forecast is currently looking a bit bleak, with the chance of rain moving in, onto frozen ground. With this in mind there will be no routes advertised however we still hope that some riders will meet at 10am at Ivinghoe church to do something adhoc whether that be mountain bikes or something else we will keep the communication channels open via whatsapp and facebook. If you don’t fancy a ride on Sunday the pub opens at 12!

Look out for a seasonal walk planned for the festive period and as always please use our facebook rear hub to communicate if you fancy going out for a ride with a group mid-week.