Ivinghoe Velos Midweek ride

Thursday 25th November from Ivinghoe Church at 9.30am 35 miles. We pass the new cafe “chiltern velo” which may or may not be open for a stop. If not it’s down into Berkhamsted for a choice of coffee outlets. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/38070402

As you may know we have recently had a few covid 19 pings within the group and also at the Rose and Crown, so regular pre-ride testing is recommended, I even took a test to send this post!!!

On a similar theme, I’ve had a request from a Sunday rider to point out that when riding in a group, excretion of bodily fluids should be reserved to “out the back on the group” if you really have to do it. Spitting isn’t great at the best of times, particularly in the times we are living in. If you believe the behaviour of a rider is not up to standard please point it out respectfully, we all want to feel comfortable and safe while out riding as a group of friends.