Ivinghoe Velos Rides for Sunday 29th December

Seasonal greetings to all from Ivinghoe Velos Towers, we hope your stockings were full of Garmin gadgets, turbo toys and wiggle wonder. We are in the odd inbetweeny bit of the year, after Christmas festivities but before new year kicks in, what a great reason to get on the bike! Understandably most of us will have spent the past few days in a “rest period, refuelling for future endeavours”. With this is mind this week we are suggesting a reasonably flat all inclusive ride to be ridden at a relaxed pace all starting together at 10am.

The route also includes our annual highlight challenge “see how far you can go without peddling”. To facilitate this we will ride up to the lay-by on the B489 Beacon road and then peddle round to the Ivinghoe Aston turn, once you’ve made the turn there is to be no peddling until you come to a standstill, the winner will be the bike stopping furthest beyond the Village, hopefully our record holder Mr Hegarty will be out to defend his title!

Our 10am route is a 34 mile loop around Leighton Buzzard there are a couple of minor climbs on route, we will regroup at the tops and ride the rest of the route in a group, the decent from Wingrave towards the end is a favourite for team work, so get in the draft, we should all be back at the Rose and Crown for around 12.30pm to top-up on the refuelling. https://www.mapometer.com/cycling/route_4989536.html

For anyone who has been away for too long and is keen to show their face, anyone brand new thinking of joining us, or anyone with friends on family around for the weekend who would like to get involved we have a lovely suggested 15 mile route which starts with the main group, so feel free to come and say hi! https://www.mapometer.com/cycling/route_4989543.html

Please arrive at the Rose and Crown ready for a 10am start, we will work to get everybody round together, if you need more miles get out early and swing by the Rose and Crown for 10am. A short stop is planned at 20 miles as we enter Stewkley, who will be bringing the most festive snack?