Ivinghoe Velos Rides for Sunday 22nd December

For those lucky enough to have spare time this close to Christmas, we have a choice of a 9am route with some hills to Bledlow or flat 10am rides south of Aylesbury. The rides share the same final 12 miles so there may be a panto style “he’s behind you” coming together. The forecast is pretty reasonable compared to recent wash out days, so a last chance to burn off some of the festive excess before the big day itself. Whichever route you choose, stay safe and enjoy the ride.

If any Velos are free to ride during the Christmas break, head over to the facebook rear hub and post an invitation so others can join you. Here’s hoping Santa brings you some useful cycling kit for future use and we see you all soon to ignite those new years resolutions! Have a fantastic Christmas one and all.

9am 50 miles Bledlow Rising: https://www.mapometer.com/cycling/route_4988170.html

10am 36 miles Flat To Kimble:https://gb.mapometer.com/cycling/route_4338769.html

10am 24 miles Flat To Halton: https://gb.mapometer.com/cycling/route_4223312.html