Velos Rides for Sunday 28th January 2018

Three road rides on offer this week crafted by the fair hand of Mr Howe.

9am start, 52 miles

10am start, 39 miles

10am start, 26 miles

Note that the Mountain Bike Group are planning a ride from the Rose and Crown from 11am tomorrow, so if you fancy a long lie-in please feel free to join them.

As always, please bring a copy of your chosen route with you.

A quick reminder of our New Years Resolutions –

  • Keep an eye out for the rider immediately behind you – if they start to drift off the back, please call to the lead rider to easy off the pace a bit until they can get back on.
  • Ride a maximum of two abreast and single out when on a narrow lane.
  • Look out for potholes and call them out or signal a warning the rider behind you. The roads are in a terrible state at the moment due to the recent cold weather spell so this is more important than ever.
  • If you feel strong enough, take a turn at the front of the group.
  • Bring a copy of the route with you.