Velos Rides for Sunday 5th June 2016

We have four rides on offer this week, three on the road and one on the tow path.

8am start, 51 mile canal tow path excursion to London, back on the train.
This ride starts from Pistone Warf. It will be stopping at Lock 81 for refreshments ( Bacon Roll or Cheesey Chips ) and enjoying a beer or more and lunch at the Bree Louise next to Euston Station. Led by Mr Bembride and will be at a leisurely pace.

9am start, 40 miles 

10am start, 31 miles

10am start, 18 miles

Please bring a copy of the route with you. We depart at the times shown from the Rose and Crown in Ivinghoe (apart for this week’s 8am ride which starts from Pitstone Warf).