Tuesday Night Rides

One of errant members, Dan (I love a mountain climb Rough has kindly suggested 2 rides for tomorrow evening, thanks Dan!

Both leaving Pitstone Roundabout at 1830 please remember that Rule 87 applies!  Note both routes can be downloaded using the Export feature on the top ride of the web page

A Lumpy Tuesday Night
Distance 37.3 KM; Ascent 466m or for those not adhering to Rule 24 thats 23.2 miles with 1528 ft of climbing 🙂

For those wanting a hilly challenge, we’ve packed as many hills into as short a route as possible. Starting with our good friend Ivinghoe Beacon, the route then turns towards Ringshall descending before climbing up the Nettledon Road. A short blast through Berkhamsted then sees the route turn up New Road towards the top of Tom’s Hill. A descent of Tom’s Hill leading to a left hand turn at the bottom to lead up past The Valiant Trooper. From there, progress is upwards again as the route heads towards Wiggington via Hemp Lane. Descending via the back roads of Tring the route finally goes out towards the Marsworth reservoirs and turns back towards the bottom of Castlemead and Pittstone roundabout.

You can download the route in TCX form here. Other formats are available using the “export” tab in the top right hand side of the page.

A Little Less  Lumpy on Tuesday Night
Distance 23.7 KM (14.7m); Ascent 240m (787ft);

For those wishing to keep the ride slightly shorter, or with slightly less ascent, this route should suit. Following the other group up towards Ivinghoe, you’ll wave goodbye to your compadres as they turn left for the Beacon. Carrying straight on, you’ll turn left slightly later on towards Aldbury up the Stocks Road. Upon reaching Aldbury you’ll do a right, left shimmy by the pond to carry on towards the Valiant Trooper. Up the side of that and onto New Road. From there it’s up towards Wiggington via Hemp Lane. This route essentially flattens out as an overall profile from here though there’s an immediate descent from Wiggington down to the Wingrave Road on the outskirts of Tring. Down to the Marsworth reservoir and out towards Long Marston, the route then turns right towards Cheddington and finally makes another right before heading back to Pitstone.


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